Monday, 1 February 2010

The novel awaits...

Hello, I hope you're all having a good Monday morning and aren't too chilly/hungover/plagued by Monday-morning-itis. It was very frosty here this morning first thing and is still brass monkeys in my little office. I am pressing myself against the pathetically lukewarm metal side of a plug-in radiator as I type. Brrrr.

Today's the day I return to my new novel - Novel 5 as it shall be catchily known henceforth. Hurrah! Well, let's hope it's a Hurrah, anyway. I haven't worked on it for weeks - haven't even looked at it since way before Christmas as it's been one thing after another, deadline-wise, lately. But now... it's all gone quiet for a while so February is going to be the month where I start galloping along with the story and write loads and loads and loads. You wait. There are scribbled notes scattered around the bedroom/my handbag/the living room with various plot points I have thought up while I've been getting on with other stuff so now I just need to gather them all up, recycle all the ones that are completely nonsensical/illegible, type the rest of them into my notes document, then read through the pages I've already written and get cracking. That's all.

Somehow or other though, it's already gone half-part ten and I've only just sat down at my desk. Somehow or other I managed to pop round to two different friends' houses after the school run this morning, and have also nipped to the shop and bakery for various purchases. And for some reason I'm writing a blog post about getting started when I really should be digging out my red pen and editing the work-in-progress, and - yeah, getting started, basically. Funny that, isn't it?

I am a bit scared about reading through the manuscript as it stands to be honest. I lay awake last night worrying that I was going to read it all and decide that it was utter crap and I'd have to start again. What if I start turning the pages and I've done a Shining-esque All-work-and-no-play-makes-Sue-I-mean-Lucy-a-dull-author? Oh Gawd. I'd better not put it off any longer. Heeeeeeeere's Johnny!