Thursday, 28 January 2010

Why I Love Wonderful Wednesdays

Back when we were ankle-deep in toddlers and babies, my husband and I shared the work/childcare duties between us. He would work three days a week and I would work two, and whoever was not officially working would actually work even harder by looking after our three little babes. It was a pretty frazzling time, looking back. Nobody had enough sleep and the days were filled with non-stop domestic dramas of scraped knees, tantrums, tussles and bottom-wiping. I had barely five minutes to myself, constantly looked like death warmed up and felt as if my brain had melted to a useless sludge.
Obviously it wasn't all bad. There were loads of really good bits too that I wouldn't have missed for the world. The triumphs of first steps, first words, first teeth. All those cuddly bedtime stories. Making dens or cakes or castles... Some days when we went down to the beach or the park or even just a friend's house, and everyone was happy and healthy and being cute and lovely... well, they were awesome. Brilliant. I felt happy to be alive and so lucky to be a mum. Just... knackered.

It won't always be like this, Lovely Husband and I would console ourselves, in the evening when the darlings were finally all asleep. Imagine, when they're all out of nappies! Imagine, when they all sleep through the night! Imagine, when they're all at school. Life will go back to normal! Except what if... what if we both carried on working part-time and HAD A DAY OFF TOGETHER EVERY WEEK?

Well. Do you know what? That's just what has happened. The children are all at school between Monday and Friday, but do Lovely Husband and I both work between Monday and Friday? No, we do not. He works four days a week and I do too. So that means since Youngest Daughter started school back in September, every Wednesday has been fun day. It is sooooooo brilliant! Even if we do boring things like stripping wallpaper or cleaning the house, it's just us two! How fantastic is that?
Yesterday was the jewel in the Wednesday crown so far. We went to the Thermae Spa here in Bath and oh my goodness, it is so lovely. I'd never been there before but I will definitely go back. And as we lay there in the roof-top pool, the water steaming around us as we gazed over the Georgian chimneys and roof-tops, we said, We've earned this. And that was a good, good feeling.
Bring on the next Wednesday!


Calistro said...

Oh wow. I don't have kids but that sounds lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

Spend time with my husband??

LilyS said...

Sounds wonderful. I wouldn't mind it the other way round though...just working the wed :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lucy ... I was worried where this post was going because that's EXACTLY my dream with my husband when the three year old goes to school (eighteen months and counting). So glad it lives up to expectations! Yay. LOVE wiping bottoms etc, of course. But oh - free time!!!

Lucy Diamond said...

Calistro - it is great! The highlight of my week! I'm already planning my next trip to the lovely spa...

Bookwitch - you know you want to! (Is he Mr Witch, btw, or Bookwizard, I wonder?)

Lily - Hmmm, I like the way you are thinking. You could be onto something there!

Sophia - It totally lives up to expectations and is well worth hanging on through the bottom-wiping years for! Even doing the supermarket run sans enfants seems *gasp* quite fun when it's just the two of you!