Tuesday, 26 January 2010

..Talking of jet planes...

Went to see Up in the Air last Friday night, the new George Clooney film. Have you seen it? It's fab - great, sparky dialogue, unexpected plot twists, and of course GEORGE in all his soulful-eyed glory. Mm-mmm. I thought it was going to be a schmaltzy feelgood romcom but was proved wrong - it's actually quite melancholic and edgy. Great. Also saw Revolutionary Road on DVD over the weekend - phew, it's brilliant but very intense. So well acted and shot, the sort of film that makes you feel wrung-out afterwards.
My guilty-pleasure-viewing lately has been slightly less cerebral... American Idol! It's the first series I've ever watched and I had mistakenly thought it might be a bit humourless and po-faced. Wrong! It's hilarious and for all the right reasons. Loving it!

What else have I got to report? Must think of something, otherwise you'll assume that all I do is sit around watching the big and small screen. As if! Oh yes, I went up to Bingley last week to visit my prize-winner in his school which was great - a long trek (more sitting around albeit on a moving train) - but well worth it.

Writing-wise, I've just about finished a new children's book which means I've got some time to get back to my next novel. I can't wait to get stuck into it again - I've had loads of other deadlines to work my way through this month so I haven't even looked at it for weeks and have had loads of new ideas as to how to develop it and bung in a few minor storylines (I have a notebook full of scribbles to show for it!). I'm up to about 15,000 words so far, so I think I will print that lot out, edit and change stuff around, and then carry on with some new chapters. That's the plan, anyway...

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