Friday, 15 January 2010

New arrivals... and departures

Did I mention that our family has expanded? No?! I can't believe I forgot to pass on the big news. Our family of five is now a family of... well, twenty-something. Ish. I can't actually count them all off the top of my head.

No, don't worry, I haven't suddenly produced twenty-tuplets or whatever the multiple birth moniker is. We have pets!

The first new addition to the family arrived in October, coinciding neatly with eldest daughter's ninth birthday. It's a little brown and white hamster called Biscuits. (She does look rather like a custard cream, truth be told, although much cuter.) She is very sweet but unfortunately for us, brilliant at escaping. Any chance she gets, she's sneaking out of the cage and is off on an adventure. The kids all adore her and are already planning treats for her birthday (AUGUST!). I like her too so we're all happy. Although I'm not sure I really am going to make her a hamster food birthday cake, as I've been asked.

The next collection of pets arrived just before Christmas. Some friends had been given a fish tank and some tropical fish a year or so earlier and decided they didn't actually have room for it any more, so did we want it? YES! was the answer. So we inherited a tank with about ten neon tetras and some rummynose thingymabobs (not their actual name), and then we took the kids off to Bath Aquatics and they each chose a new fish to join the merry gang. Eldest daughter chose a Siamese Fighting Fish (named Scarlet), son chose a stripy fish (called Stripy) and Youngest daughter chose a strange brown eel-like thing that goes around eating all the algae off the rocks (named, rather incongruously, Violet). Lovely husband chose a silver angel fish (Angel) and two orange and black striped things (William and Blake). I chose four male guppies that are forever scrapping. (Tuh. Men, eh?) They don't have names because we keep getting them muddled up.

So that's all been rather exciting... until last night when unfortunately we found Scarlet lying lifeless at the bottom of the tank. Oh God! I felt so awful! What did we do wrong? We didn't dare break the news to Eldest this morning as I didn't want to send her off to school in tears (and I know there will be tears), so I will have to tell her this afternoon. Meanwhile, it's farewell to poor Scarlett. Rest in peace, little fishy.


Debs said...

I remember having two fish when my children were small and when one died and I didn't know what to tell them, my grandmother said to replace it and tell the children the colouring was slightly different because of the antibiotics the vet had given it!

The truth would probably have been a little easier.

Leatherdykeuk said...

You can't put a Fighting Fish in with an Angel fish, since they're both 'king of the tank' fish. The fish-seller should have told you thet.

Lucy Diamond said...

Debs - to be honest I was thinking of doing something along those lines... until I read Rachel's comment!

Rachel - oh Gawd, I didn't know that. Our two always seemed to co-exist quite peacefully at least. And to be fair, the angel fish was bought separately so it wasn't the fish-seller's fault. Looks like I'll have to break the sad news to Eldest daughter after all... and steer her towards choosing a more subservient fish for its replacement!

LilyS said...

We have Angel fish in our office and we have named them after rock starts - Blondie, Axl Rose, Steven Tyler and Ozzy Osborne. Sadly Ozzy passed last year. They have laid lots of eggs over the last 5 years but they just keep eating them :S

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