Monday, 18 January 2010


It's always a bit tempting to imagine hibernating at this time of year - especially if you feel as Monday-morning-ish as I do today. Right now, I'd like nothing more than to go back to bed and stay there for the rest of the day. A duvet, a thermos of tea and a pile of books - that's all I'd need. Oooh... it's so tempting... especially as I've got some great reads waiting for me up there.

I'm currently reading Virginia Woolf's Selected Diaries . Before Christmas, I read Susan Hill's brilliant new book Howard's End is on the Landing which I can't recommend enough - the perfect book-lover's book, about the year Susan Hill spends re-reading her old novels rather than buying new ones. Every other page I found myself scribbling down a title that I wanted to read, so brilliantly does she describe them, and Virigina Woolf's diaries is one such book.

So far it's wonderful. VW is very candid and deliciously spiky - ie there's a fab line about Katharine Mansfield, something like 'It is a great shame that one's first impression of Katharine Mansfield is that she stinks like a civet cat which has been walking the streets' ! Ooh Virginia - don't mince your words. It's a great big fat book anyway, and absolutely fascinating. I've only ever read Mrs Dalloway by VW before, and that was years ago, but now I'm reading her diaries (and having watched The Hours again on TV the other night) I want to have a bit of a Woolf-fest and immerse myself in her books.

In complete contrast, I've been sent a juicy-sounding new novel called 'Players' by Karen Swan which sounds very Jilly Cooper-esque, lots of frothy fun. Perfect, in fact, for hibernating with under my duvet....

Not today, though. Must be self-disciplined and sensible. I have work to be getting on with: namely a new Kitten Club book to be writing. And the house is a mess, and I've got all my accounts paperwork spread out on the floor that I need to go through and.... Well, there's always something, isn't there? Maybe if I work really really hard and get lots of writing done now, I will treat myself with a little pre-school-pick-up hibernation later...


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Hi Lucy

Just wanted to say hi, I sat down last night at about 8pm with Hens Reunited and just as the clock striked midnight I finished it - I loved it! I did the same thing with Any Way You Want Me and am now waiting to get my hands on Over You and eagerly awaiting the new one!



Lucy Diamond said...

Aww Carla, thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed Hens - thanks for letting me know.
Love your blog, btw, just had a nosey! xx

Debs said...

Those books sound wonderful, I must make a note of them, so I can order them when my tbr piles start diminishing.