Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hello! And how are we all doing?
Can you believe that it's been so long since I was on Blogger that I couldn't remember my own password and was locked out? (Yes, actually, you slacker, the nation replies.)
Sorry for being so crap. The problem was, after months of resisting temptation because I knew it would mean endless distractions, I gave in and joined Facebook. And Facebook is much easier to update than a blog, isn't it? You only need one perky little sentence here and there. And you get to play Farmville too! And waste hours of time sending stupid messages to your mates - genius!

But anyway. Being serious. New Year's Resolution number 29: resurrect the blog. Give it the kiss of life. Prod it a bit. Write something on it, dammit!

Tick! Well, that was easier than I thought. I've got more resolutions though. 1: get fit again. Yes, that old chestnut. As well as resurrecting the blog today, I've also resurrected my fitness coach. Or rather, My Fitness Coach, the Wii game that bullies you into leaping around your own living room until you are completely out of breath. I did a workout this morning and embarrassingly, it had been so long since I put on my tracky bottoms that the elastic round the top had perished and I had to keep hoicking them up. (Resolution 1a: get some new tracky bottoms.)

Other resolutions... practise the guitar. Lovely Husband bought me a guitar for Christmas! Yay! And despite the trauma of having to cut my left fingernails down in order to play it, I am really enjoying it. My repertoire consists of 'He's Got The Whole World in his Hands' (a mighty two chords to learn) and... Well, that's about it, so far. Still, if the writing all goes pear-shaped, it could be my next career move, busking on the streets of Britain.

Talking of writing... I've got a new book out this year. Hurrah! It's called Sweet Temptation, and is all about the best things in life: love, friendship and cake. I was just about to post an image of the cover but don't seem to have one saved to my computer. Tell you what, here's the Amazon link so you can have a look. What do you think?

I'm writing the next one now - my FIFTH novel, wow, it feels amazing to say that. It's set down by a beach so I'm finding it a bit tricky, with all this snow on the ground, to write lovely sunny beach scenes. Luckily I have booked a holiday - ahem, I mean research trip - in order to help me with that!

Right, I'd better go. School is closed today and there's an ominous silence in the house which is never a good thing. More soon. x


wannabe a writer said...

Hi Lucy

I have been lurking around your blog for a while now, not having the gumption to post any comments. And then when I'd plucked up the courage you disappeared!

Glad to see you back and look forward to hearing more about your next book - I've loved them all so far.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back :o)

L-Plate Author said...


Sooooooooooo glad you're back, I've really missed you. The book cover looks ace and think yourself lucky that you're not the same as me when it comes to joggers - can't even get mine up, never mind them falling down...

Look forward to catching up again on here x

Lucy Diamond said...

Hello Linda! Thank you for being my first commentee of the year - and thank you for your kind words about my books. Hope to see you here again!

Captain Black - thanks!

L-Plate! Ahh bless you! It's nice to be back. Glad you like the new cover - it's very PINK isn't it, and extremely girly but I really like it too. (PS My joggers have now gone in the bin...) x

Harriet said...

Hi "Lucy"

Cannot wait for the new book! Will be in touch soon for a coffee or something. We cannot leave it another 10 years before we meet up again - especially as we are only down the road now!

Big Love
H xx

Debs said...

Hello again. I love the cover of your new book and look forward to reading it.

You've reminded me that I really should be gettin on that Wii again. Can't remember the last time I went near it.

Lucy Diamond said...

H! I've emailed you - definitely can't leave it so long. How about the end of January?!

Hi Debs, nice to see you again! The Wii thing is a bit grim, I have to turn the sound off because she's really sarcastic and rude when you haven't been for a while. I can do without being guilt-tripped by a virtual fitness instructor! xx