Thursday, 30 July 2009

Competition #2

Okay, this is the big one... the one with the huuuuuuge prize that is well worth winning before you go on your summer holidays. To celebrate the publication of Hens Reunited, I'm delighted to announce competition number two... where you - yes, YOU! - could win a teetering tower of books, all kindly donated by those lovely people at Pan Macmillan. The books that one lucky winner will receive are:

Pictures of You by Jane Elmor

In the Heart of the Canyon by Elisabeth Hyde

Housewife in Love by Alison Penton Harper

I Remember by Noelle Harrison

The Love of My Life by Louise Douglas

Guernica by Dave Boling

Devotion by Nell Leyshon

The Lady and the Poet by Maeve Haran

50 Ways to Find a Love by Lucy Ann Holmes

Beachcombing by Maggie Dana

(Click on the link to see each book's Amazon page where you can find out more.)
(Is this exciting or WHAT?)

So, what you do you have to do to win such a fabulous prize? Well, I'll tell you. All you need to do is to write a limerick which includes the words HENS REUNITED LUCY and DIAMOND (in any order). Yes, all right, I know it was a similar competition last year and clearly I am totally unoriginal, but you were all so bloody brilliant at writing limericks last time and, more to the point, I had such a good laugh reading them that I couldn't resist giving it another go. So here we are!

The rules:
1) The competition closes at 6pm British Summer Time on Thursday 6th August.
2) You can leave your entry in the comments box, or, if you feel shy, you can email it/them to me: lucy at lucydiamond dot co dot uk.
3) The judge's decision is final
4) You can enter as many times as you wish
5) Usual terms and conditions apply
6) To be a true limerick, the words at the end of the first, second and fifth lines need to rhyme, with a different rhyme at the end of the third and fourth. Here's an example:
There was a young lady from Ickenham
Who went on a bus trip to Twickenham
She drank too much beer
Which made her feel queer
So she took off her boots and was sick-in-em

But I'm sure you can do a classier limerick than that, can't you? Can't you?!

I hereby declare that competition #2 is.... open!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

In stock!

Oooohhhhh the excitement! Hens Reunited is now in stock on Amazon. This means I am currently unable to do any work, obviously, because I keep having to check its sales ranking. (A rather lame 27,000 as I write... but hey, it's early days.) It's not officially in the shops until August 7th so this is rather excitingly early. Go, Hens, go! And go, blog-readers, go - and while you're going, do me a favour and tell your mates about it! (Please.)

Other news:

Have just finished The Children's Book by A S Byatt - fabulous, wonderful, enthralling. My book of the year so far without a doubt. (Yes, it's flawed, particularly the ending in my eyes, but don't let that put you off.) A big fat treat for the summer.

My lovely editor (hello lovely editor) has given a resounding thumbs-up to Novel 4, or Sweet Temptation, as I must start calling it. Hurrah!

School holidays going great so far - swimming, Ice Age 3, lots of playing and remarkably little fighting.

It's all good! (Now I just need to finish a new mermaid story before I go on holiday and life will be complete... only two writing days left until the end of August so I've got to make them count, eek!)

Monday, 27 July 2009

Drum-roll please...

After DAYS of suspense, HOURS of nailbiting, whole MINUTES of agony, I can now tell you that the results to my anagram competition are in. The judge has made his decision, and all votes have been counted and verified. Oh no, hang on, that's not right. I've got a bit of paper with the anagrams typed up and my husband has scribbled 1,2 and 3 on anyway.

Just to recap, the competition was to make an anagram from the letters in the words 'LUCY DIAMOND HENS REUNITED'. And without any further ado, I can now announce that in third place, and due a virtual pat on the back and a loud "Hurrah!" is ...

last-year's winner Pat Posner for her anagram: 'Um! Nice horny lads tied nude'

A bonus commendation for rudness, as my husband put it. Well done, Pat!

Next in second place, in for a virtual pat on the back and an even louder "Hurrah!" is.....

the lovely Karen Clarke for "Disenchanted mouldy urine"! Karen, I know you thought you should get your coat but no! The judge said it made him laugh, so you're my worthy runner-up!

Now for the big one. The winner of the Lucy Diamond anagram competition 2009 is...

*isn't this exciting?!*

the lovely AND talented Lily Sheehan for 'Lured into mid saucy hen den'!
Congratulations Lily! If you could email me your address (email me on lucy at lucydiamond dot co dot uk) I will put a signed copy of Hens Reunited in the post to you asap. Well done!

Stay tuned as I've got another fab competition coming up very soon, just as soon as I've blagged a good prize in fact! xxx

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Competition #1!

Are you feeling brainy? Creative, perhaps? Maybe just plain old lucky... well, good news! I'm starting a competition today and YOU could be the winner.

You might remember last year, I ran a few competitions to celebrate Over You being published, and oooh, it was very exciting (well, it was for me, anyway). So now that I've got a shelf full of copies of Hens Reunited, I thought I'd do the same again. The prize this week is.... drum roll... a signed early copy of Hens Reunited, deliverered to your front door, waaaay before it hits the shops on August 7th and anyone else can get their hands on it. (I know, I know, calm yourselves if you can.)

All you have to do is come up with an anagram using the letters in the following words: LUCY DIAMOND HENS REUNITED. That's ACDDDEEEHILMNNNOESTUY if it makes life any easier. You've got until six pm this Sunday evening (26th July) to leave your entry in the comments box. As before, when the competition closes, I will print out all the entries anonymously and ask my completely impartial husband to judge the best. I'll post the winner's book on Monday. Usual terms and conditions apply blah blah.

Clear as crystal? Excellent. Let the anagramming begin!

Friday, 17 July 2009


The rest of my author copies arrived today. Here they are!

I am so so thrilled. Nearly as thrilled as I am about this, the cover of the Turkish translation of Over You:

It captures the essence of the book perfectly, wouldn't you say? And yes, that is super-sparkly-silver on the dress. Love it!
(sorry, not sure how to turn picture round, you will have to tip your head on one side for full appreciation!)

Have a good weekend everyone...

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

It's Here!

A wonderfully satisfying thump of post falling through the letterbox today... especially as the thump was from my first copy of Hens Reunited. Oooooh! It is so lovely and exciting seeing your own book for the first time and this is my favourite one yet. Hurrah! If I was a bit cleverer I'd display a photo of me holding it in my own fair hands (kissing it even) but sadly such a complex technical feat is beyond my (pathetic) capabilities, so you'll just have to use your imagination.

Only a few weeks now until publication, I can't wait to see it in the shops. And I must think up a few competitions for you lovely blog-readers to celebrate. Stay tuned for some excellent prizes. You could be a lucky winner!

It's very timely, this copy of Hens arriving today as I've literally JUST finished my edit of book 4. I'm going to read it through one last time on Monday and then send it off to my agent and editor for their thoughts. Gulp...

Friday, 10 July 2009

Living it up, living it down

Oh. My. GOD.
I had such a showbiz night last night. It was the Pan/Picador sales conference in London and I went along to their drinks do afterwards. I had been really looking forward to the evening, right until I saw the guest list earlier this week - the guest list which included Carol Ann Duffy, Jackie Kay, Andrew Marr, Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, James Herbert, Martine McCutcheon and many many more.... and then I was absolutely filled with terror. OHMYGOD. All those famous megastars... and me. I was convinced I would disgrace myself in some way or another - either falling off my high heels at James Cracknell's feet, or getting nervously drunk and managing to accidentally flash my pants at Jeffrey Archer, or being unable to stop myself from staring and pointing like the village idiot.

I don't know about you, but I find the idea of walking into a crowded room alone, not knowing many people in there, quite nerve-racking. Terrifying actually - that was the bit I dreaded most, having to rock up there on my tod, hoping to see a familiar face (who wasn't out-of-my-league famous preferably.)
When I walked into the party last night, (heart pounding, oh-my-God-just-spotted-Clive-James), I was pounced on by lovely T from the editorial dept whose first words were "Come and meet Tara Palmer-Tompkinson!"
I know I keep saying oh-my-God in this post and I don't want to be repetitive, but really, this WAS an oh-my-God moment. It was totally surreal being introduced to TPT (who looked amazing) but she was so friendly and nice that once I got over the initial shock, it was fine - oh, and get this, she said she liked my shoes! (I was too embarrassed to say that they came from Next though!) So that was a good start to the evening at least...

I was quite excited to see Dwight Yorke was there - I'm a Villa fan don't forget - and I'm afraid I embarrassed myself a bit by asking for his autograph. I know, I know - bit of a tragic fan thing to do - but I couldn't resist. (I pretended it was for my dad but I think I might just have to keep it for myself.)

I also met Martine McCutcheon who was absolutely lovely and soooo beautiful, Lucy-Anne Holmes whose book I so loved and who felt an immediate ally, Emma Kennedy, William Horwood, oh, lots of people. And I even managed not to do any inappropriate flashing/falling over/staring and pointing. Oh all right, I did do a BIT of staring and pointing, but I promise it was discreet staring and pointing...

This morning, I was back to my normal life. School run, washing machine to load, packed lunch to make etc. It all feels a bit of a dream now...

PS James Cracknell VERY handsome in the flesh. Quite wish I HAD fallen at his feet now. Maybe next time.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

The perfect hen night...

"I've been playing with all the Playmobil mums," youngest daughter told me today. "They've been having a hen night."

"Oh, that's nice," I said. "What did they do on their hen night?"

"They ate lots of chocolate. Minty chocolate."

"Did they do anything else?"

"Then they did some dancing."

"Anything else?"

"Then they read lots of books and went home to bed."

Now that's my kind of hen night...