Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Missed the boat

Remember in my last post I was whinging about turning 40 next year and wondering how I could pack some exciting things into my last thirty-something year? Well. WELL! Turns out I am behind the times. Way behind. There are already masses of blogs out there, it seems, all dedicated to people with great lists of impressive, adrenalin-pumping things to complete before they're 40. One woman with such a blog appeared only to be thirty-two, I was stunned to see. Thirty-TWO! Why is she worrying about turning 40 now, for goodness' sake? Can't she just be grateful that she's only thirty-flipping-two and get on with it??

Anyway, it seems I've missed the boat with my turning-forty musings. Clearly I should have been setting myself exciting challenges for oh, at least the last five years instead of shambling along through my thirty-something decade and wasting all this time on unimportant stuff like motherhood and work and wondering who's going to win Britain's Next Top Model (please not Sophie). Giving myself one paltry year to cram in the proper stuff is just no good.

So... moving on... time to get organised and plan all those crucial things I ought to do before I'm 50, then...

1. Stop caring about stupid lists
2. Grow a beard
3. Call someone 'young lady' - oh, wait, I already do that frequently to my own daughters
4. Give up on dieting and allow myself to become disgracefully fat
5. Learn to walk in high heels
6. Embarrass my teenage children at all times.

...and those are just the start of it. I'm sure there are many more exciting treats in store for me. I'm actually quite looking forward to the next eleven years now. Lots of fun in store. Bring on the forties!


Beleaguered Squirrel said...

I like that list. VFI.

I'm going to be 40 in only 3 weeks, and I'm afraid the very thought of such a list makes me want to jump back under the duvet and not emerge for at least another four weeks.

But I have a good excuse: I (possibly rather sillily with hindsight, but there you go, I had little control over the timing) went and had a baby when I was 39, and really that pretty much rules out any pre-40 excitement.

I was thinking last night though that although I heartily disapprove of age-related moaning, if I'm honest a lot of my miserableness of at last has been exacerbated by pre-40 jitters. I feel as though I'm about to be Officiaaly Old and haven't achieved a whole load of stuff that's only going to get harder - if not impossible - with age.

But then I gave myself a good stern talking to and reminded myself that life begins at 40 and I've still got a whole load more excitement instead. So that's all right then.

Beleaguered Squirrel said...

You've inspired me to blog about this too. Apologies for comments box stealery, but I have at least corrected the squillions of errors in the comment above!

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh, Beleaguered Squirrel, I KNOW. It is just a number, it doesn't mean anything really, but... but... BUT... I am feeling it already too. The dread. The angst that the fun is over and that middle-age is a fact to be recognised and blah-de-blah.
I remember years ago, a boss of mine being depressed at turning 40 and I (a mere 25-year-old) thought, Yeah, too right, you old person, I'd be depressed and all..

Oh dear, I need a stern talking-to as well, clearly. I will think of some more things for my list - it cheered me up last time at least!

7. Plastic surgery...

L-Plate Author said...

Ha, that made me laugh! And being nearly 43, I think I'll pinch your list x

Lane said...

40? pfft. Tis nothing. It's 50 I'm worried about:-)

Lucy Diamond said...

L-Plate - pinch away! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Lane - I salute that 'pffft', it's exactly what I need to hear. 40? Pffft. indeed!

(8. Develop inappropriate crushes on men young enough to be my offspring.)

Debs said...

I'm with Lane. Fifty is nearer than forty to me, far nearer if I'm honest.

I was dreading my fortieth, but R insisted I had a party and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My forties have been great.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Also on the downhill slope to 40. Everyone said to me when I was 29 'oh your thirties will be fabulous, everything comes together etc etc' and they have been damn hard work, much tougher than 20s! Perhaps 40 is the new 30 and we have the best decade of our lives to look forward to?

Amanda said...

I'm actually looking towards FIFTY with excitement - We are as young as we feel and we get as much from life as we put in - whatever our age! Well that's my motto! :-)))

Enjoy the next eleven years et al, Lucy x

SpiralSkies said...

40 is delicious. I have been mastering it since May and, believe me, it's super.

One word of advice: Becoming extraordinarily fat AND wearing high heels may not be the superest combo to consider? But then, if you fall off your heels, you'll have a lovely soft landing... :0)

B said...

Loving the list. Especially the way it's threaded through the comments. Am looking forward to seeing what's next!

And sorry for calling you nearly 40 when you're CLEARLY only nearly 39. I gets confused...!

Mrs Boob Pencil said...

Personally I'm rather looking forward to 60, at which point I expect to have shoved all birdlings out of the nest and will proceed to travel the world and act thoroughly irresponsibly! ;)

Calistro said...

I'm SO with you on the "Please not Sophie!" comment. She sets my teeth on edge!

Lucy Diamond said...

Debs - glad to hear it!

Kate - I am sure you are right. Thank goodness the difficult 30s are coming to an end!

Amanda - you are absolutely right and I am taking note. :)

Spiral - hurrah! Excellent news. And yes, the heels/fatso conundrum did strike me too but you know me, like to push myself hard with my challenges.... ahem...

B - no worries. I have just about got over the trauma. x

Mrs BP - I will be due to celebrate my 50th 4 days before my son celebrates his 18th you know - do you reckon he'll fancy a joint party with his really cool heel-tastic enormously overweight mummy?!

Calistro - I know! I like all the others, especially gorgeous Jade, but Sophie is just an out and out cow. I'm sorry but there it is. She has to go!

Lucy Diamond said...

PS Nearly forgot:

9 Tut a lot more, especially at young people being young and annoying in public

10. Wear expensive clothes

11. Drink more gin

12. Drive a fast car instead of a mum-mobile...

Mrs Boob Pencil said...

My 60th will be 3 days before my son's 21st. Do you think he'll want to share?? I rather hope so, actually. But probably not. :)