Sunday, 22 March 2009

Home and Away

Hello, hello, hello and sorry, sorry, sorry... it has been ages since I last blogged. Still, I've got plenty of good excuses including a long weekend in Wales and a small-but-exciting author tour of various Oxfordshire libraries speaking to hundreds of children (and getting them all to make loud troll noises and scream at various parts of my stories - am now slightly deaf as a result). Anyway it all went really well - stopped off at lots of gorgeous rural villages, met some lovely librarians who were all passionate about getting books to children, stayed in a hotel in Oxford and oohed and ahhed at the gorgeous old buildings, got taken out for a nice dinner... oh, just non-stop good stuff really, although I was very very tired at the end of the ninth hour-long event and am full of renewed admiration for teachers. How do they do that crowd control thing all day, every day?
And ooooohhhh it was just so lovely to come home on Thursday and see my children and husband again. I was beginning to ache for them, I was missing them so badly. My youngest has basically refused to leave my side ever since, I have become a mummy-slave to her, and only Mummy will do when it comes to teeth-brushing, hand-holding etc but frankly I am delighted to be so adored, to be honest, and don't mind at all.

In fact, I am feeling greatly adored today, it being Mothering Sunday - I know it's only a matter of time before I swing back to being general servant to the kids (my usual appointment) but today I have felt mightily appreciated, what with the cards, breakfast (and newspapers) in bed, flowers, chocolates, cake... even a flashing 'Best Mum in the World' badge. Yes, I did say flashing. Multi-coloured, too. No expense spared for me, you know.

Right... off to make a dent in those chocolates and loll about indulgently before Lost. Hurrah!


Sally Lawton said...

Glad you've had such a fab time and a gorgeous mother's day! Enjoy your chocs, flashing badge sounds BRILLIANT! x

Debs said...

I've nearly eaten my weight in chocolate in the last day or so, and that, believe me, takes some doing.

claire p said...

Wow can we swap lives please?!?!

It sounds like you've been having such a great time.

Lucy Diamond said...

Sally - the flashing badge is definitely worth going through childbirth three times. Well... almost...

Debs - is that a challenge??!

Claire P - it HAS been v exciting but I'm actually longing for my normal life back again... it has been a mad month!

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