Monday, 2 March 2009

Dear Tooth Fairy...

Best tooth fairy letter EVER discovered under son's pillow last night:*

Hello Tooth Fairy
My name is Tom, what's yours?
Please can you give me £5.50. I am saving up for a DS. You have got to reply or I will chop your head right off and by the way you smell.
All my love Tom xxx xxx

...seems to be written in his big sister's handwriting. Hmmm.... I suspect a stitch-up!

* obviously never to be alluded to in front of him if you know us, I don't think I was meant to see it!


JJ said...

Fantastic letter.

Fiona said...

I think if I was the tooth fairy, I'd cough up.

Would your Tom (I have a Tom too but he's twenty - son that is, not toy boy..I can but dream)let me copy letter? I need at least half Sir Fred's pension for new crowns.

Anonymous said...

Oooh very Elizabethan with the head chopping and all. It is a bit cheeky though... ;)

claire p said...

5.50? That's inflation for you. I used to get 50p.

Just finished 'Over You'. Really good, thak you. I was soooo glad she didn't get back with Pete in the end, what a creep!

Lucy Diamond said...

JJ - I think he gets his point across pretty clearly!

Fiona - Well, as the tooth fairy's stand-in, I reckoned he'd earned his quid. (Good luck with your letter to Sir Fred, feel free to use any lines from this one (although you might be in trouble for threatening behaviour if you use the head-chopping bit I suppose!))

Won'tletlifedefineme - I know! Extremely cheeky. I detect Big Sister's bad influence though and hold her wholly responsible!

Claire P - I know, outrageous demand, isn't it? I've no idea where the £5.50 came from. Still, I suppose the optimism is admirable!
(And thank you for your nice words about Over You - I'm glad you enjoyed it!)

Lane said...

Ha! Did the tooth fairy pay up? Even after having her personal hygiene questioned?:-)

Lucy Diamond said...

She is a very generous tooth fairy, clearly, although I think a boundary may have been reached...

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