Thursday, 5 February 2009

Some hurrahs at last

Right! Onwards and upwards etc. All (just about) well here, the injured one improving daily and definitely on the mend. Hurrah!
We've had our heaviest snowfall overnight so the world looks beautiful. Hurrah!
I'm having a Get-Fit Feb in an attempt to blast away the lingering Christmas love-handles and am really into my Wii Personal Trainer. Hurrah!
And I've stopped panicking about how I'm going to get all my work done by making myself an extremely strict schedule which allows no time for daydreaming and looking out the window. Hurr- Oh.

I've just read Engleby by Sebastian Faulks - anyone else? What did you think? My thoughts went like this: Hmmm, not very keen on this protagonist, bit of a creep, and how come he's got so much money and a car if he's meant to be a working-class student? As if. Don't believe it.... Ahh, okay, so we're meant to think he's a creep, mmm, and a pretty unreliable narrator.. Ooh, liking it now, that makes it much more interesting. So are we meant to assume that...? Yes. I think we are. I think he did. That is really horrible. He is scary! Please let nothing bad happen to Charlotte.... Oh, right. All confirmed. That's a bit early, isn't it? How is this going to end? Hang on, I'm not interested in this bit. This all reads like filler. Please let there be a big twist at the end, rather than it petering out. Please let there be a great big twist that I didn't see coming... oh. The end.

So, good in parts but petered out to nothing, in conclusion. I wish the last 50 pages or so had been cut out, frankly. (Sorry, Sebastian, if you read this, I know nothing, obviously.)

I've just gone through the copy-edit of Hens Reunited - exciting! - and have hopefully combed out all the repetitions and mistakes... I could fiddle around tweaking it for ever, but must rein myself in and stop. No cover yet but I like the sound of what they're planning... I'll post it here as soon as it's been agreed on.

Right, nearly 9 o'clock so must crack on with the new novel. Must try to get to 45,000 words by the end of Feb... do you think I can make it? Place your bets.


ChrisH said...

Good, I needed a nice upbeat post as I'm feeling very down in the dumps today. You sound very motivated so I must get on with some work too.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I think you can make it, all other things being equal. Good luck. And thanks for the Engleby review - I'll give that one a miss!

Debs said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I also needed a bit of cheer today, work seems endless, and it's not lunch time yet.

Thanks for the comments on Engleby too.

Captain Black said...

Looking forward to reading HR. Enjoyed AWYWM and OY. Glad things are looking up, long may that continue.

The Dotterel said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah - someone else who feels the same as me about Engleby (and I'm a Faulks fan!).

claire p said...

Haven't read that one, probably won't now. looking forward to getting your, when the snow allows amazon to deliver!! It's so pretty though.

The end of Feb is ages off yet, 45,000 words by then no probs. I must try to do same to finish DV. Mind you you're a 'proper' writer and I'm not.

Lucy Diamond said...

Hi Chris, sorry to hear you're feeling a bit down today. Hope your work goes well and gives you a bit of a lift. x

Zinnia - thanks for the vote of confidence! (PS Am feeling a bit guilty for slagging off Engleby when it's had some very good reviews on Amazon - don't let me put you off!)

Hi Debs, hope a nice lunch has cheered you up by now!

Cheers, Captain Black - long may it continue indeed!

The Dotterel - I'm so glad you said that! Having seen the glowing reviews I was starting to wonder if it was just me! I'm a Faulks fan too, and loved the middle section - then it just seemed to fall flat. Never mind...

Claire P - you are a proper writer too! I am up to 32,000 words now, having a good writing day, another hurrah! (And a special one for you too, for ordering my book. Hurrah for Claire P!)

Leigh said...

A Wii Personal Trainer?
Great! A virtual exercise bike that you can leave in the corner, but don't have to dust!

Sass E-mum said...

I read Engleby, but embarrassingly I cannot remember what it was about.

However, I did buy Over You last week. Very enjoyable. Lisa's confession made me feel weepy - not a great look on a commuter train.

Emily Gale said...

Ooh, I liked Engleby. But I did enjoy your review - more reviews should be like that, I think.

I really, really want a Wii fitness thingy. I feel it is the perfect gadget for a writer. Have yet to convince my partner...any tips?

Lucy Diamond said...

Leigh - more like virtual aerobics studio/yoga room... it's ace, honest!

Oh Sass-E Mum, thank you! I felt quite weepy writing that particular scene so I'm glad it 'worked' on you!

Emily - if only all reviews were so honest, eh? I haven't had the Literary Review begging me to join the ranks yet though - shame!
And re the Wii, yes, perfect fitness thing for hard-working writer/mum, although not so perfect when the kids insist on joining in or, even worse, sitting on the sofa and laughing at me!