Friday, 27 February 2009


I've had quite a few discussions with youngest daughter (aged 4) about quiet voices and SHOUTY VOICES this week. Of course I am glad that, as the youngest of three, she is not a down-trodden little pipsqueak who gets overlooked and daren't stick up for herself but all the same, I can't help wishing she wasn't quite so bloody-minded and LOUD.
There have been rather a lot of conversations like this:
Me: Holly, get your shoes on, it's time for playgroup.
Her: No.
Me: Now, please, we're going to be late.
Her: NO.
Me: Holly, just do it, please, without shouting.
Me: Stop arguing and put your shoes on!

It cracks me up, that 'I am NOT ARGUING!' Most of the time.


Debs said...

Bless her, she sounds such a character. I have one like that, but she's now 14, although she's no less determined now she's older.

Chicklit Addict said...

My partner also has the SHOUTY problem. There's no cure, as far as I'm aware, other than hoping they grow out of it (not much hope then for my partner!).

"Over you" arrived through my door the other day. Am a quarter of the way in and currently enjoying the wrath of Josie!

JJ said...

Oh gawd, I recognise that too. Why is there no volume control button? That's a very basic design fault, isn't it? Mine's now nearly 15 and appears to have learned to control the shouting ... but now he mumbles and no-one can hear him.

Tam said...

Oh god, I recognise this in TD - she's thirteen and has perfected the sarcasm reflex.

I can't wait until I'm in my dotage - never mind wearing purple, I'm running around in the nuddy to get my own back...

Lucy Diamond said...

Debs - she really is a character and a half... I feel sorry for her teacher when she starts school in September!

Hi Chicklit Addict - oh no, don't say that, I was hoping she would grow out of the shouting soon!
Glad you are enjoying Over You, cheers!

JJ - definitely a design fault, especially not being able to turn the volume down to mute every now and then! (PS I am looking forward to the mumbling stage though...)

Tam - absolutely, I plan to be hugely embarrassing to my children in later years (actually if you asked them, they'd probably say I already am... sigh...) xx

claire p said...

There seems to be a theme to these comments! Jamie might not be able to talk but he can still be loud. He hums, 'sings' and squeeks all the time. And when he wakes at 2am guess what he does?

Lucy Diamond said...

Oooh Claire I shudder to think of those 2am wakings! I hope he turns over very quietly and goes straight back to sleep - am I right??!

claire p said...

Oh I wishe he would go back to sleep! No such luck. Sometimes he'll go off after two or three hours. Mostly it's a case of 'I'm awake!' so that's the day started!

Nell Dixon said...

My youngest used to say 'I'm not shouting, I'm talking in a very loud voice.'

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh Claire I do sympathise, I remember those days...

Hi Nell - well, you can't argue with that, can you?!