Thursday, 12 February 2009

Brrm brrm

Great excitement in the house today. Huuuuuge. We have a new car!

Well... I say 'new', although obviously I mean new-to-us, rather than brand-spanking-smell-that-newness-new but hey, it's a mere three years old this one, as opposed to ten and a half, like the decrepit banger we've just got rid of. I am soooo not going to miss that knackered old thing. Breaking down on the M5 ("we're all going on a summer holiday... oh, no, we're not, actually"), the engine cutting out repeatedly on cold days, the strange (and worrying) noise the clutch had started to make as you changed gear, feeling that any moment the beast was going to give up and conk out somewhere really impractical. I am not a keen driver at the best of times but it was really starting to bug me, the way you had to sit with the engine running for five minutes before you could go anywhere, just so it would be warm enough not to splutter and die in the middle of the road whilst turning right into the A4 (yeah, cheers for that, you stupid unreliable lump of metal).

But those days are gone. Oh yes! Now we have a silver-gold Xsara Picasso (or 'beige' as it says rather more prosaically on the sales sheet) with... wait for it... a CD player. "Can we have Best of Girls Aloud on the way to swimming?" eldest daughter shrieked as she got in from school, sprinting up to her room to retrieve it. Oh God, the arguments, there are going to be such terrible arguments from here on in, I can't even bear to think about them.
Before, in the Old Crap One, we had a tape player or the radio. Boy, am I glad to see the back of those Horrid Henry tapes, now relegated to the living room. I love a bit of HH, don't get me wrong, but we all know all the stories off by heart now. (I still laugh at the hypnotist one though, and "I'm a nudey! I'm a nudey!" has become a favourite bath-time catchphrase, thanks to Rude Ralph.) And oh yes, good riddance to the awful Sleepytime lullaby tapes we've had since the kids were all babies, and Kipper, and the Large Family... Goodbye, the lot of you. And farewell, old car. We've gone all posh and beige now, I'm afraid.

Mind you, I haven't actually driven it yet. You wait, I'll have crashed it by the end of the week, distracted by the heated Girls Aloud versus Rainbow Fairy CD arguments. Anyone know where I can get a soundproof bubble to fix onto the driver's seat?


Anonymous said...

Xsara Picassos are such cool cars. I'm still stuck with a 9 year old car, and probably will for the next few years, but it's a German make and quite reliable up to this point at least! As for the CD arguments, tell them it's your choice because you have to drive. When they get their own license they can decide what to play in the car!

Drive safely!

claire p said...

Yay for new cars! We had bombs for years. We did make it of the motorway to break down, ended up on the edge of Swindon! Mum had one when I was a kid and you could see the road through the floor.

I agree with comment above, when they can drive they can choose. But then I only have one child, who can't talk, so what do I know!

Anonymous said...

I can't help but doubt the wisdom of having a lullaby tape playing in a moving vehicle.

Debs said...

I'd love to have a new car, but now that I'm about to send J off to university, I doubt I'll get one for at least another six years (wishful thinking that is too).

Fiona said...

I'm so impressed you know what your car is. Mine is red. I think it's a Polo and she's eleven. The teenagers have the sound so loud it booms against your sternum.

Yes it was I who left you a well deserved review. Someone left me such a crap one, Amazon actually took it off which shows how evil it was. So now I do appreciate how much they mean to a writer.

Lucy Diamond said...

Won'tletlifedefineme - I do believe ABBA Gold won out on the way to swimming lessons last night - a good choice, I reckon!

Claire P - oh yay indeed! PS When you read Over You, there's a bit where the heroine's car window breaks... well, guess where I got that from? Ooh, it's going to be nice to have a car where the windows don't have to be jammed shut with bits of cardboard!

Captain Black - ahh, but when you've got screaming infants in the back seat, a lullaby tape is a godsend, believe me!

Debs - oh, six years! That sounds a long time. Hopefully your novel will be snapped up for a whopping great advance and you can splash out on something luxurious, eh?

Hi Fiona - mmmm, I'm dreading the booming teenage years. I can't see it being ABBA Gold or Girls Aloud they're requesting then somehow!
Sorry to hear about your mean review - some people are just jealous (and evil)...Thanks again for my lovely one. x