Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Books, telly and books

Exciting parcels arriving today... 20 copies of Prince Jake and the Dungeon of Doom in paperback (out next month and looking wonderfully purplicious) and two copies of Oliver Moon and the Potion Commotion in Armenian which was extremely exciting. Ooh, hurrah, it still gives me such a thrill to rip open precious parcels containing beautiful new books wot I wrote.
IN FACT, I know this might sound unbelievable, and as if I'm making it up in order to sound a more competent blogger than I actually am, I did take some photos of my office the other day in which you can see with your own eyes piles and piles of the beautiful new books along one wall. Or at least you would be able to see them with your own eyes if I could only find my bloody camera. Someone, obviously not me, has put it in a remote, neglected corner of the house (I'm afraid there are many of those) and I can't put my hands on it right now, but I will, I will! And then, if I can just manage to remember how to move pictures from my camera to this here blog, I will have some actual real-life pictures on this blog to break up my inane wittering. That would be good, wouldn't it? Don't hold your breath though...

Talking of children's books, as I was, did you see that wonderful Michael Rosen programme on BBC4 the other night? Wasn't it a heart-warmer and isn't he fab? I just loved seeing those 'I hate books' boys reading to younger boys at the end of it - what a brilliant idea. And that woman in the library - I thought she was going to cry at the hordes of children who were now streaming in to borrow books. Fabulous. (On a less cerebral note, did anyone watch America's Next Top Model last night? OMG. First series I've ever watched this programme and I am LOVING it! The bitching! The posing! Benjy Ninja or whatever his name! Sheena and her are-they/aren't-they boobs! Goddess Tyra and her words of wisdom! The screaming! And Isis... oh, it's ace. Favourite new Guilty Pleasure.)

Back to books before I skidded off to Trashville... I have had a new cover image for Hens Reunited emailed to me today and it's great. Really like it. I think there's some tweaking to be done with the title lettering but other than that, I have a cover!

Now...what did I do that with that bloody camera??


claire p said...

Over You just came! Really looking forward to it.

Hens reunited is such a fab title, I hate trying to think of titles.

Took me ages to upload pics. I use a universal card reader plugged into a usb port. I have a photo of my office, I use the term loosely, on my blog. Hope you find the camera soon, love seeing other peoples photos.

Lucy Diamond said...

Aww, cheers, Claire! I hope you like it.
I hate thinking of titles too, it is so difficult. I'm glad you like Hens Reunited - when it first popped into my head, I thought YES! but then doubts crept in... It's hard to be objective any more, so it's good to get a thumbs up!
I have found my camera, but don't hold your breath... I am a bit rubbish at the technical side of blogging!