Sunday, 11 January 2009


Hello world! I am back. So, how are things?

I am very well, cheers, although have so much to report since last August (eek!) that I'm going to cop out pathetically and not even try to tell you the half of it. Apart from to say thanks for all your lovely wishes and that the wedding was fabulous. Happiest day of my life. Brilliant, loved it all, and never knew being married could be such fun. Hurrah!

So... I know what you're wondering. Tell us about the Lucy Diamond merchandise, you're thinking. We need to buy some! Give us details immediately for God's sake!
Well, I'm sorry that this is post-Crimble and therefore uselessly too late for that perfect niche gift, but if you're in the mood to treat yourself, you could do a lot worse than to buy yourself a splended print of a gen-u-ine Lucy Diamond cover. You think I'm joking, don't you? You think I'm making it up as I go along. Well, I'm not. Have a look here if you don't believe me...

Oh, okay, you've rumbled me. Different Lucy Diamond. She's the original, the Lucy Diamond who wrote lots of children's bible stories in the seventies. I'm just the new pretender who nicked her fabulous name as my glamorous (well, I think so, anyway) pseudonym. But I kinda like the print, I have to say. I know it's a 100 squid so bloody expensive in these miserable credit crunch days but I might have been tempted to splash out if they'd only put poor old LD's name on the cover, where it rightfully should be. Give that author some credit, I say, she churned out loads of those Ladybird bible books, they could have named her at least.

Anyway, I belive you can also get a print of the 'Shepherd Boy in Bethlehem' cover, if you're interested, or one of Moses. And yes, yes, yes, I did stumble upon these when shamelessly looking myself up on Amazon, it's a fair cop.

Writing-wise, I have finished the second draft of my third novel, Hens Reunited and that's about to go off to copy-edit which is always a bit exciting... makes it feel like it really is going to turn into a REAL, ACTUAL book, rather than stay as a mere figment of my disturbed imagination. And I'm about a quarter way through novel 4 which I am enjoying enormously.

And reading-wise... I have just started The Beacon by Susan Hill, which I got for Christmas - signed, first edition, thank you very much! It's brilliant - such clean, spare prose and I was sucked into the story almost from the first page. Just what the hell did Frank DO that has pissed everyone off so much? I am on tenterhooks, waiting to find out.

So... tell me all. What are you up to, what are you reading, and who is going to win Celebrity Big Brother for God's sake?


ChrisH said...

Hello! Nice to see you back, you were in danger of falling off the bottom of my blog roll. Glad that you are enjoying married life and that the writing continues to flourish. Now off to do some work!

JJ said...

Hey, lovely to see you back. I've got several Susan Hill books on my TBR pile... must get on to one of them.

Calistro said...

Welcome back! Great news about your third book - can't wait to read it! I'm currently waiting for my editor edits to plop into my inbox so a while to go yet until I get to the copy edit stage. Am ploughing on with book 2 while I wait.

Reading? "The Ex Boyfriend's Handbook" by Matt Dunn.

CBB? I think it's going to be a close thing between Verne and Terry - which is weird because I always hated Terry on The Word but he does seem to be a genuinely funny, amiable bloke.

L-Plate Author said...

Hi! Long time no hear! Can't wait to catch up with things in snippets again, I have missed them.

Seems everything is going swell for you. A belated Happy New Year to you and yours x

Sarah*G* said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to getting your 3rd book. I do like the name of one of the characters (Katie as my little girlie is called that!)
Happy you are enjoying married life. Did you eat all those cookies your publishers gave you or were they shared out?
I am still attempting to train for the marathon. Attempting is the key word there!

Leigh said...

Yey! You're back!
Happy New Year, and all that.

Up to: eating mini florentines (the little chocolate thingies, not vertically-challenged inhabitants of southern Italy).

Reading: Bill Bryson, Neither Here Nor There. No use as a late night read - too funny.

Glad you're back :-D

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back!

As for what's keeping me busy, I guess the really short answer is uni, and being ill. I've been ill for almost a month now but fortunately things are getting better.

I haven't been reading much because it distracts me from writing papers about other books for uni, so I've just been rereading Little Women.

Lucy Diamond said...

Awwww... now this is what I've been missing, lots of lovely comments from the girls. Hurrah!!

ChrisH - so glad I have avoided falling off the bottom of your blog roll, sounds very painful indeed, phew, a narrow escape if ever I heard of one! :)

JJ - The Beacon is the only book I've read by SH (ssshh, feel ashamed of that literary gap now) but really enjoyed it and intend to read lots more by her now. I do love it when you discover a 'new-to-you' author.

Hello Calistro! Hope your edits are kind and not too tricksy. And full steam ahead on Novel 2, excellent. Must agree with you on Terry, he seems ace, the sort of person you can imagine having a laugh with down the pub. And I read somewhere that he's 48 - can that be true?? If so, he's got the best skin of any 48-year-old I've ever met. What's your secret, Tel??

Hello L-Plate and a belated happy new year to you, hope it's a healthy one with no more horrid lurgies and lots of lovely book deals. xx

Hello Sarah! I am filled with awe for anyone who can even contemplate going running in this horrible weather... you are hardcore, girl! And yes, I DID share the biscuits, but only because I was worried I'd be bursting out of my wedding dress otherwise!

Hi Leigh, ooh mini-Florentines, yum. Am lost for words now, apart from YUM. YUM.

Hi Won'tLetLife - sorry to hear you've been so ill. But Little Women is the perfect thing to read on one's sickbed - I hope it has been cheering you up. xx

Lily Sheehan said...

Welcome back. Verne is v popular although I'd quite like coolio to win. hes been quite funny annoying all the celebs tee hee

Lucy Diamond said...

Hi Lily,
God, he would drive you up the wall, though, wouldn't he??
I haven't watched it for the last few days, not since the 'Condiments on Ice' one which I thought was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy, welcome back to the blogosphere. It sounds like you've been far too busy to post lately.

I've recently read Over You by, erm, somebody-or-other. I must say I enjoyed it and came close to it being an interactive experience. What I mean by that, is that I came close to shouting at the book: "No, no! For god's sake Josie, don't take him back!!" Looking forward to number three.

You can keep an eye on what I'm reading and have recently read, using the little pictorial gadget on the top-right of my blog.

This year I really am going to get on with my writing projects. I am, I am, I am.

Lucy Diamond said...

Ahhh, Captain Black, that is such a compliment, you shouting at the book! I felt like shouting at the screen as I was writing that bit, so I'm glad the feeling came through to the paper!
And yes, 2009 is definitely the year of finished writing projects. It is, it is, it is.