Friday, 8 August 2008

Novel 3 has left the building

Hoorah. Just sent off the first draft of Novel 3 to my agent. It was SUCH a good feeling to press 'Send' and let it go. So now I'm in waiting limbo for a while, crossing my fingers that he likes it. Am also in waiting limbo on two new children's projects - a follow-up series with one publisher (have sent them the synopsis of a possible book one of six) and some sample writing and a synopsis with a new publisher. Oooh. I quite like getting a raft of stuff out there but it does mean I turn into a bit of a mad email-checker/ phone-pouncer until I get feedback.

It's my book signing tomorrow - WATERSTONES, MILSOM STREET, BATH, 11AM-1PM - and I'm feeling really nervous. Don't want to do it any more. Am sure it will be an embarrassing disaster with tumbleweed blowing around my ankles. Aaarrgh. The only thing that will get me through it, is that LP and I are going to choose our wedding rings afterwards. And - almost as important - the wedding cake. So by 1.15 I know I will be really cheerful again. I am clinging on to that thought.

I've had a nice mention on LoveReading - "Lucy Diamond is definitely one to watch" they say. How fab is that!!
Have a good weekend, everyone...


Caroline said...

It'll be a wonderful day honey. Stay positive and enjoy.
Wish I lived nearer.


Caroline said...

ps - good luck with all the submissions. Fingers crossed, but I know it'll all be fabulous.


watching9987 said...

Good Luck all round, and if I still lived in Bath I'd there for your scribble, is it that Milkshake place still open nearby?
Anyway, good luck :)

Annie Bright said...

How exciting - I hope your agent loves the novel!

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow, and with all of your submissions.

Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks Caroline! Am trying to be positive. It is meant to be pouring with rain here tomorrow so I hope that doesn't drive all the shoppers away...

Thanks Watching9987! If only you still lived in Bath. I don't know the milkshake place but then we've only been here a year - still new kids on the block really!

Hi Annie, thanks, I am so hoping there's some love on novel 3!

Thanks Captain Black! Have a good weekend.

Paige said...

If I lived nearer I would be there. It'll be a great day! :)

Over You is a great read and like I said on a previous post, I can't wait to read Novel 3! ;)

watching9987 said...

Ooh, I know this is a pro book signing post, but really, Shakeaway, just off the main shopping street, so down the hill from you (when you finish, you'll love it). Umm... Down hill, on the right as you pass HMV.
Trust me.

Good luck :)

SpiralSkies said...

Aw, bit too far for me to come this time. Sending +ve vibes though you won't need them.

A book signing and wedding ring-choosing. Not many people can cram two such heady things into a Saturday.

Am so chuffed for you :0)


B said...

Hope it's going well!

Lucy Diamond said...

Paige, you are so lovely, thank you!

Watching - thanks for the tip, I will check it out!

Cheers Spiral - must say, it wasn't the same without you there... but it did go well, I reckon!

Thanks b, I actually rather enjoyed it, after all my angsting!

Pat Posner said...

So glad it went well. We all told you it would and it seems as if a lot of us were there in spirit.

Agent is sure to love Novel 3. I hope it's published quickly, I really enjoyed 'Over You'.
And heaps of luck for the children's ones, too. I love reading and writing series.

B said...

Glad it went well. You have a book signing in the north east, i'll be there like a shot. you can fly up with easyjet from bristol :)

Megan said...

Very, very exciting!
Good luck with rings and readings, submissions and cake - I'm sure you'll do splendidly
m (:

Kate said...

Brilliant stuff, darling. I hope the signing went really well - and you have a great review on Trashionista as well!

Kate xx

Lucy Diamond said...

Pat, you are so kind, I'm so pleased you stumbled upon my blog! Thank you!

b - I should, shouldn't I? Next time!

Thanks Megan, the rings and cake have been ordered, so I'm breathing sighs of relief to be on top of things again!

Thanks Kate - ooh yes, lovely review, cheers for flagging that up. Hoorah for Trashionista!