Thursday, 21 August 2008

Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess...

I'm feeling very cheerful this morning. (Look away now if you're in a bad mood.)

Here's why:

1) Over You has its first review on Amazon - and it's an absolute corker, five stars no less. Whoopeee!!

2) The sun is shining (I know! I can hardly believe it myself!)

3) I'm off to London today for a meeting, (the one with cake, hoorah), and because of stupid peak-time rip-off fares etc can't get a train back until 7pm. That gives me at least two and half hours' hanging around in London time where I will be forced to shop. Daaamn.

4) I received a huge box of advance copies of my new children's series this morning all about cheeky Prince Jake ... and they're hardbacks, darlings!

5) Did I mention the cake and shopping?


JJ said...

Cooor, congratulations. Lots of reasons to be cheerful. Have a happy day.

Caroline said...

Have a fab day honey. And a new book series for my Ben to read. Yay!

I was grumpy, but you've made me smile.

Debs said...

Brilliant review, no wonder you're having a great day.

Enjoy the cake and shopping, heavenly.

Paige said...

Having never written a review before, I'm glad you like it. I had meant to write one before but with my blogging break...I forgot.

Glad you are all smiley!

Pat Posner said...

Have a great time. Enjoy the cake and the shopping and everything.

The Prince Jake series looks fantastic, love the titles.

Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks JJ (love that 'Cooooor'!) I am still happy!

Cheers Caroline! Glad to have made you smile x

Thanks Debs, cake and shopping is such a good combo, isn't it? It really did feel a treat.

Paige! I've been meaning to email you to say a proper thanks. That review is fab, thank you so much. My ranking shot up as soon as you had posted it!

Thanks Pat, I had a lovely day. And I am so chuffed with the Prince Jakes, Orchard have done a brilliant job on them. Hoorah!

Paige said...

You're welcome! I never quite realised how important reviews were on Amazon so I think I'll start doing a few more.

Lucy Diamond said...

Paige - do! Authors around the country will love you for it, if they're half as good as the review you gave Over You! :)

Fiona Robyn said...

Hi - good to 'meet' you - found you via Caroline S. The cover of your new book is gorgeous.

Lucy Diamond said...

Nice to meet you too, Fiona! And yes, it is such a gorgeous cover, isn't it? Just looking at it makes me happy!

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