Saturday, 23 August 2008

Eating my entire wedding

Oooh, look everyone. A box. A box just delivered by the postman, for me! But what's inside?

Some midnight-blue tissue paper...


Oh my goodness! Shoes, and a bag and a present... as biscuits!
Hold on, there's more. There's more, I tell you!

A wedding cake, wedding dress, hearts, flowers... I can't believe it! How yummy and gorgeous and fabulous! All from my lovely LOVELY publishers!
I'm going to eat my whole wedding - that's if I can fight my kids off, of course...
PS Are you impressed, btw? This if the first time I have EVER posted photos on my blog. Not that I'm technologically challenged or anything. Or a bit dim. I just find such things quite scary and tricky. But these biscuits needed to be seen before I scoff the lot, so I made a special effort!

Friday, 22 August 2008


I forgot a key Happiness Reason from yesterday's post:

6) The Olympics. I am sooooo enjoying watching/listening to all the events, especially as Team GB are doing so brilliantly. I have already mentally given myself two weeks off for the 2012 games and will be parked on my sofa watching the lot. Can't wait!

Anyway. I had a fab day yesterday. Lovely train journey making notes for the meeting (trying to think of brainy things I could say) and reading My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier (haven't read it for at least 20 years, couldn't remember the ending at all, loved it) and then went here for tea and cake with my editor and the publishing director which was extremely nice (I can recommend the carrot and coconut cake...mmmm....). I do love how, working on children's books, you can have really in-depth conversations about the storylines which must seem completely mad to anyone eavesdropping. Ie yesterday we were discussing mermaids' magical powers, an evil baddie mermaid, and shrinking all the whales of the oceans down to miniature size. Completely bonkers. I so hope somebody was earwigging on that lot.

Then I had a couple of hours to kill before I could get the first off-peak train home. What a shame. I just had to go to Oxford Street and do some shopping. I know, it's a hard life. I made a beeline for TopShop and then H&M (ahhh, H&M, how I have missed you) and bought two tops for about 5p. Then hit the huge lovely Borders where they had a gratifyingly large pile of copies of Over You, yay, and where I treated myself to the new Kate Atkinson . I don't usually buy hardbacks (too expensive/too heavy to read in bed or cart around in a bag), but I loved her last two so much, I just couldn't hold back today. Naughty. But nice.

I read A Room of One's Own on the way back. Shamefully, I had never read it before but I thought it was fantastic. The first chapter was a bit odd, but after that, it was brilliant, surprisingly humorous and chatty, and very inspiring, especially the rousing last chapter. So here I am this morning, in my own room, and feel as if I'd better crack on now... and write something about shrinking whales and baddie mermaids. Perhaps not quite what Virginia had in mind, but hey. I'm enjoying myself. Have a good weekend everyone xx

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess...

I'm feeling very cheerful this morning. (Look away now if you're in a bad mood.)

Here's why:

1) Over You has its first review on Amazon - and it's an absolute corker, five stars no less. Whoopeee!!

2) The sun is shining (I know! I can hardly believe it myself!)

3) I'm off to London today for a meeting, (the one with cake, hoorah), and because of stupid peak-time rip-off fares etc can't get a train back until 7pm. That gives me at least two and half hours' hanging around in London time where I will be forced to shop. Daaamn.

4) I received a huge box of advance copies of my new children's series this morning all about cheeky Prince Jake ... and they're hardbacks, darlings!

5) Did I mention the cake and shopping?

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Loving LoveReading

Oooh! ChrisH has just let me know that Over You has made the LoveReading top ten! Have a look... it's straight in at number seven, my lucky number. Hoorah for the LoveReading downloaders (and thanks, ChrisH)! Still no Amazon reviews yet though...

Other news... not long till the wedding! I am so excited. Bought some lovely new make-up this morning and a few other bits and bobs including a pair of emergency flat-ish silvery sandals today in case my wedding heels get the better of me. Have got the dress, beautifully shortened, got the rings, confetti, cars booked, the bridesmaids all set... Now I just need some beauty sleep instead of anxiety dreams about being late/wobbling off wedding heels/LP not turning up etc...

Monday, 11 August 2008

Catching up

Sorry for the paucity of blog posts recently...feel busy busy with the school holidays and wedding stuff at the moment.

The book signing was great on Saturday - thanks for all your nice words. It was pouring with rain all day but the shop was still busy and I sold lots of books to lots of nice people. I had an email from the shop this morning saying it was the most successful Saturday signing they've had for a long time, sales-wise, so that's brilliant news and made all the nerves etc beforehand seem worthwhile.

I've had some really lovely emails and texts from people who've read Over You - thank you, thank you, thank you. They mean so much to me. It is so nerve-racking waiting to hear what people think of your book(s), I've had a few wobbles of self-doubt and angst this time ("I'm not a real writer... I've got away with it so far but it's only a matter of time before someone realises I'm actually crap..." etc.) Terrible. So thanks again if you've read it and sent me a nice message - I really appreciate it.

I've also had some feedback from one of my new children's book proposals - I'm going to London next week to discuss it with my editor in a meeting (with cake, I do believe, which always oils the wheels of creativity for me) so that all sounds very promising. She said she definitely definitely wants this new series (six books, whoopee) but wants to discuss it further before I write up a formal proposal. Which is obviously fine by me.

Better go and start making tea for the masses. Have a good week, everyone!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Novel 3 has left the building

Hoorah. Just sent off the first draft of Novel 3 to my agent. It was SUCH a good feeling to press 'Send' and let it go. So now I'm in waiting limbo for a while, crossing my fingers that he likes it. Am also in waiting limbo on two new children's projects - a follow-up series with one publisher (have sent them the synopsis of a possible book one of six) and some sample writing and a synopsis with a new publisher. Oooh. I quite like getting a raft of stuff out there but it does mean I turn into a bit of a mad email-checker/ phone-pouncer until I get feedback.

It's my book signing tomorrow - WATERSTONES, MILSOM STREET, BATH, 11AM-1PM - and I'm feeling really nervous. Don't want to do it any more. Am sure it will be an embarrassing disaster with tumbleweed blowing around my ankles. Aaarrgh. The only thing that will get me through it, is that LP and I are going to choose our wedding rings afterwards. And - almost as important - the wedding cake. So by 1.15 I know I will be really cheerful again. I am clinging on to that thought.

I've had a nice mention on LoveReading - "Lucy Diamond is definitely one to watch" they say. How fab is that!!
Have a good weekend, everyone...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Pavement pounding

I read somewhere that at Abi Titmuss's recent book signing, only three people showed up.
Eeek. That is so going to be me on Saturday, when I do mine, I just know it. What seemed like a good idea at the time will see me all alone in the corner of Waterstones, with kind, pitying looks from the staff, being completely ignored and shunned by customers. I'll have to text LP and beg him to please come in and pretend he doesn't know me, and.. Oh, the shame.

The thought of such a scenario has prompted me to take to the streets with a sack-load of fliers, advertising the event. I've learned from my mistakes last year and have gone out to pound the pavements in trainers this time rather than high-heeled boots, but am still experiencing the same traumas with bristly draught-excluder letterboxes, the fear that a mad dog is going to bite my fingers off and the paranoia that someone's going to fling their front door open while I'm there and say, "Take this litter away with you!"
It's quite a strange business, going to door after door and trying not to be too nosey about it. When I spy a front room lined with books, I think, Yes, you can have a flier. Whenever I see someone in the front room, even if they're not looking at me, I avoid that house, for fear of the above. Gates are a pain, so are steps, so are long drives.
I'll be out again tonight, though. If it means avoiding the three-book signing shame, I'll do it...

Sunday, 3 August 2008

The results!

Sorry to be a bit late posting this... only back from Dorset a few hours ago and there have been kids to feed, bath and put to bed, and bits of wet tent to drape around the house... Yes. It rained. Again. "It always rains when we're camping," my son said gloomily as woke up to loud pattering sounds yesterday morning. Ahh well. We still had a fab time.
Enough about all that, anyway. I've got the result of the limerick competition to announce!

All week, entries have been pouring in to the comments box. In fact there were 28 limericks in all, which is brilliant, I reckon. Thanks to everyone who entered... you are all worthy poets and should give yourselves many pats on the back.
But there can only be one winner. And, if you remember, that winner stands to receive a whopping great parcel of books from those lovely generous people at Pan. As with the anagrams,
I have typed up all the entries anonymously and given the list to my Lovely Partner to judge. And, as before, he picked out a shortlist of those limericks he liked best.
So, without any further ado, I can now reveal that in third place is...

the extremely fabulous Clare with this:

I'm feeling all bothered and blue
I can't seem to get over you
A diamond would help
(I mean it, don't yelp)
Or even a topaz would do.

And in second place is...

the rather foxy Lily Sheehan with this:

You promised you'd always be true
Now I'm trying to get over you
You promised a ring
With a diamond setting
But all I got was hullabaloo

So now, the moment you've all been waiting for. The winner of my limerick competition is...

*someone get that drum-roll going, for goodness' sake*

the incredibly talented Calistro with this:

There was a young lady called Sue
Who wrote a great novel or two
Her words sparkle like diamonds
Her characters aren't shy ones
So buy "Any Way..." and "Over You".

Round of applause for Calistro, please! Very well done indeed. Calistro, please email me at lucy AT lucydiamond DOT co DOT uk with your address and I'll make sure you receive a scrummy parcel of books. Hoorah!!