Thursday, 31 July 2008

It's in the shops!

Must be brief as LP has just nipped to the offy to get us a bottle of vino and a DVD but I just had to report that MY BOOK IS OUT THERE!!! I was in London today for a lovely lunch meeting with my children's book agent and managed to squeeze in 3 book shop visits to see my new book out there on the tables. I went to two of the WH Smiths in Paddington and the Borders in Charing Cross Road, and there it was, looking lovely on the 'Buy One Get One Half Price' tables. It should be in Waterstones too and other book shops, and Asda are selling it as well. Whoopee!!

I was surprised how overwhelmed I was to actually see copies in REAL shops (not just in my imagination). I didn't think it would be so exciting as when Any Way You Want Me was published and I saw it for the first time. I thought that would be a one-off burst of excitement, never to be repeated. But I was trembly all over again and had that must-pinch-myself feeling, that my book was really there, in a proper shop that sold stuff, and random people who didn't even know me might pick it up and read it... Oh, just such a fabulous, wonderful thought.

Good luck, book. May you fly off the shelves and tables into lovely readers' hands all over the country...

Must just finish by saying that tomorrow is the LAST DAY of my limerick competition so time is running out. Go on, have a last bash at it, the prize is so brilliant, remember, a whole big parcel of books...just what you want to see you through the summer. We are off camping for the weekend (it has just started to rain here...ha ha... ) but I will get LP to pick a winner on Sunday night so will announce the results then. Have a good weekend everyone xxx


Anonymous said...

I feel quite honoured as I've got a copy on my book shelf. It's going to Scotland with me on Saturday! Nice work.

Crystal xx

Caroline said...


Can't wait to buy and read it. And in Asda too! Yay! (I mean yay from a sales point of view and not an 'Asda' yay, although Asda is often yay ... too much whisky!)


Lucy Diamond said...

Yay, Crystal! Thank you so much. Have a nice time in Scotland! xx

Thanks, Caroline! Yay for Asda, books and whisky!

Anonymous said...

Well done, O sparkly one.

PatP said...

It's a great, great read. I've almost finished it but I don't want it to end.

Hope you were Happy Campers


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful!

I tried to find one of your books in Brighton last week, but I couldn't find any... I'm going to be in London in October though, so I'll get myself a copy then.

Annie Bright said...

Congratulations Lucy! How fantastic for you!
I will pick up a copy next time I'm in town! :-)

Maddie Moon said...

Brilliant, Lucy!

I saw it in Borders today and bought a copy. Can't wait to read it!

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers Capt Black! I thought for a moment that was another anagram... I've got them on the brain!

Oh Pat, thank you! So glad you are enjoying it. And we were wet but happy campers so not too bad overall!

Marjolein - hello! Hope you are having a good holiday wherever you are!

Hello Annie - thank you, that's so kind of you. Mwah x

Cheers Maddie - also very kind of you. Another mwah! x