Friday, 6 June 2008

Who ate all the pies?

I can't believe Euro 2008 starts tomorrow! I haven't even got a colour wall chart or anything with the fixtures yet. I've had to print one off from a website, but it isn't the same.
So, who are we all supporting then? It's got to be Holland for me. In a parallel life, I would have lived in Amsterdam for a while. (Actually, I said the same thing about Barcelona too the other day. Maybe I need a few parallel lives.) And almost every Dutch person I've ever met has been fab (apart from the prat who.... Ahh. Never mind. Ancient history.) And also I like their kit. Lekker ding! as I believe they say. *ahem* LP is supporting Sweden. How about you?

Right then.... matches tomorrow. I'm going to say the Czech Republic will beat Switzerland 1-0 and Portugal will beat Turkey 2-1. But what do I know? Feel free to disagree, shout "WHO ARE YER?" and point at me if you want. LP and I are going to have a little competition between us so I shall keep you updated (unless I start losing really badly in which case I will pretend to have forgotten all about it).

Onto more cerebral things...have you seen the Picador blog lately? They're offering us, mere blog-readers, a chance to put questions to the marvellous Tim Winton. As you know, I'm a fan, so immediately felt a bit excited at the opportunity. Trouble is, I go all pathetic when amongst famous people. I can't speak properly, I just sort of mumble at them, and all I can think about is OMG You Are Really Famous! etc. Even when offered the chance to post a question on a blog to someone famous, I am blushing and turning to fluff, and just want to say, "You're great, you are, ooh, I really like your books". Pathetic. In a parallel life, clearly I would be asking something really in-depth and clever from my Amsterdam townhouse, something that would really impress him. But in this life... Sigh. Maybe I should ask him who he's going to support in Euro 2008, and be done with it?!


JJ said...

Oooh, Tim Winton: Cloud Street finally got picked out of the hat for soon ... Aug or Sept. I am so excited. I must buy Breath too.

Sorry, Euro 2008? Football? I expect I might back a British pub at some point, but support? Nah, not likely.

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh Cloud Street is so brilliant, it's like an Aussie Grapes of Wrath. Hope you enjoy it.
As for your footy comment... JJ! That is not the spirit!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, don't support Holland! We're up against Italy, France and Romania, and our coach isn't all that great in my opinion. Although you spelled lekker ding correct! (You really could have been Dutch in a previous life)

I'm trying to stay out of the football madness as much as possible. Everyone has their own opinion on what's right and what's wrong and what the score will be and you end up with these huge pointless discussions. There's a saying here that the Dutch national team has 16 million coaches (Holland has 16 million inhabitants). So that's 16 million - one.

Still, it would be pretty great if our team wins.

Lucy Diamond said...

Blimey...yes, that's a tough group. I clearly haven't been paying enough attention otherwise I would have clocked that. All the more reason to give Holland a bit of support, then!
PS I am so pleased I spelled 'lekker ding' right! Now I just need to learn some authentic Dutch football cheers... could you help me out?!

girl with the mask said...

football... foreign men in shorts... sweaty... testosterone... mmm...

Anonymous said...

:) Okay here we go... (be careful what you wish for!)

- 'Oranje, dat kan je' (Orange, you can do it - our royal family is called the House of Orange)

- 'Hup, Holland, Hup' works really well. It means go, Holland, go, and it's a complete song:

Hup, Holland, Hup
Laat de leeuw niet in z'n hempie staan
(don't let the lion down)
Hup, Holland, Hup
Trek het beestje geen pantoffels aan
(don't dress the animal in slippers)
Hup, Holland, Hup
Laat je uit het veld niet slaan
(don't let yourself be beaten)
Want de leeuw op voetbal schoenen durft de hele wereld aan (2x)
(because the lion wearing football shoes dares to take on the whole world)
See this video at 1.46min.

- and then we also have this song:

I think you're ready to support Holland now! Remember to dress in orange, and keep it going, even when Holland is eliminated! We're known to keep on partying even when we've been defeated, just for the sake of partying.

Anonymous said...

Just saw those links wouldn't come through. Paste the two parts together and you can watch the videos. :)

(I'll stop spamming your blog with Dutch related football stuff now)

Lucy Diamond said...

Girl - that's more like it, I can see you're getting into the spirit of things!

Marjolein - I am totally ready to support Holland now!!! Thank you so much. Hup, Holland, Hup! :)

Calistro said...

I could have ended up living in Holland in a different life too! I can hardly remember any of the Dutch I learnt but I DO remember lekker and also ik hou van jou (which, if you understand it too, gives a hint as to why I was considering moving there once upon a time!)

Lucy Diamond said...

Oooh...I sense it is something romantic! We could have been neighbours, Calistro!

Maddie Moon said...

Euro 2008? What is this thing of which you speak?

Corrie wasn't shown tonight. Not impressed!

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh dear... It IS annoying when they mess with Corrie. Don't they know some things are just sacrosanct??