Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Meme - authors

It's all me me me me meme meme these days. I've been tagged by Michelle and Leigh for memes so here goes. Michelle's first, which is all about authors.

1. Who is your all-time favourite author, and why?
Oh, impossible to answer. I would happily read anything by: Jonathan Coe, Kate Atkinson, Julie Myerson, John Fowles, Margaret Atwood, Esther Freud, Dickens, George Orwell... too many to list. I am generous with my favouritism!

2. Who was your first favourite author, and why? Do you still consider him or her among your favourites?
Enid Blyton, without a doubt - great characters and plots, lots of humour and adventures, and of course, happy endings all round (apart from the baddies who ALWAYS got their come-uppance). And now that my seven-year-old is ploughing through everything Enid she can get from the library, I'm quite enjoying dipping into them again myself...

3. Who’s the most recent addition to your list of favourite authors, and why?
I really enjoyed When We Were Bad by Charlotte Mendelson. Fabulous.

4. If someone asked you who your favourite authors were right now, which authors would first pop out of your mouth? Are there any you’d add on a moment of further reflection?
I guess the list I gave to the first answer, if that isn't too lazy of me!

Feel free to tag yourself if you want to... Leigh, I'll get to yours tomorrow!


JJ said...

I loved Enid Blyton too, especially Malory Towers, The Twins at St Clairs and the Famous Five. I had to read the Secret Seven because I ran out of the Famous Five, but they weren't as good.

girl with the mask said...

Oooooh, I love finding out which books and authors other people like!

Milla said...

yes yes. But Famous Five "not as good," jj!! Are you mad??
Enjoyed the CM, LOVE Jonathan Coe, esp What A Carve Up - have you seen he's got a new one out? Could happily live without Julie Myerson though - maybe it's seeing her simpering away on Late Review which makes me want to slap her!

Lucy Diamond said...

JJ - absolutely. And don't forget the Five Find-Outers and Dog!

Girl - me too, like a virtual snoop through their bookshelves, innit?

Milla - no, no, JJ was saying Secret Seven not as good as FF. And I must agree with her there!
Late Review is always past my bedtime so only read JM, not watch her, hence no slapping urges, only gushing from moi!