Sunday, 29 June 2008

The last day of being 37

I am 38 tomorrow. Somehow that seems a lot nearer to 40 than 37, doesn't it? At 37 you can kid yourself that you are still mid-thirties but somehow, with just one extra year in the mix, it's the start of the slow slide to 40. Aggghh.

Am not feeling too chipper about that, especially as I've got a monstrous hangover today. LP and I celebrated 11 years of Being Togevver yesterday and went out last night to celebrate. Went to Demuths, a veggie restaurant in town which was tasty but a bit healthy and worthy for my liking. When I go out to eat, I want to feel as if I'm having a treat. I want potato. I want cake. I had neither of those last night, but quite a lot of lettuce. Not much good for soaking up the alcohol, lettuce. Still, we had a lovely night, reminiscing about all the ace times we've had, all the places we've been together, and of course my excellent chat-up line which started the whole thing off: "I've always fancied you" - short and to the point, I'd say (if rather slurred). And I was about to fly off to Bangkok two days later, so I thought, what the hell, might as well. Anyway, it did it for me - any singletons out there, I'd recommend giving it a try.

Right, off to lie on the sofa now with a cup of tea...


Single Mother on the Verge said...

Enjoy your birthday tomorrow. Sounds a sweet evening, save for the lettuce.

Okay, I'm going to say that to someone: "I've always fancied you," but make sure I've got a trip to the North Pole planned cos I always get a frosty response. Generally it goes like this with me:
(V.drunk...) BUT I LOVE YOU!!!! And then I sulk into my wine glass when they say, "er no."

11 years.... you sure you're not rushing into marriage!!!!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

I've just spoke to my grandma who is 86 today and she said that I was a spring chicken ... so you are too.

Convinced? Nod and say yes.


Pacha said...

Happy birthday! Continue drinking through the day 'til tomorrow I say. Helps put off hangover at least!

Have a lovely lovely day! And 37 is pratically adolescent when you think about all you have done and achieved! I think you should be proud proud proud!

Happy happy birthday!

Pacha said...

oops, 38 is pratically adolescent too! (I need to learn to read through my comments before hitting that publish comment button!)

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers SMotV! Good luck with the 'I've always fancied you' line - I seem to remember going cross-eyed and pointing at him with a bit of a lurch too. Try that next time - a surefire winner!
11 years... yes, it is rather a hasty trip up the aisle, really, a whirlwind romance, but we are just a bit impetuous like that!

Caroline - thanks! Wow, 86, that does make me feel like a spring chicken, excellent, cheers.

Thanks Pacha! but nooooo noooo to the booze. Maybe 38 will be the year I grow up and stop thinking it's big and clever to get trolleyed? Here's hoping...

girl with the mask said...

I ended up with The Boyfriend because I brought him the Karma Sutra for his birthday and ten shots of sambuca. Now THAT is a plan!

Happy birthday for tomorrow! x

Lane said...

oh to be 38 again!

love your chat up line. Direct always works!

Happy Birthday tomorrow!:-)

Lucy Diamond said...

Girl - you are as subtle as a brick and a total minx! That is most definitely a plan if ever I heard one...

Thanks Lane - yes, direct is good (especially if one can leave the country quickly afterwards in case it all goes horribly wrong!)

Anonymous said...

38 can't be old if you're still getting hangovers! ;)

Have a great birthday!

Clare Sudbery said...

I'll be 39 next week. And until today I was both 38 years old and 38 weeks pregnant, which appealed to my numerical brain.

But anyway. 40 is an exciting adventure! I'm looking forward to it! Think of age as money in the bank. The more you have, the more wisdom and experience you have. And it's only numbers. And if you live to be 85 (personally I'm planning to reach at least 120), at 40 you'll still only have had 22 of your 67 adult years, which is less than a third, and what a waste it would be to spend over two thirds of that time complaining about being old!

My grandparents are 94 and 98. They're old. You and I, my dear, are spring chickens in our prime.

Pacha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (*fireworks exploding in the background*) Have a wonderful special day!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

And really, age is but a number. There was a woman on telly last week who was interviewed because she was 104 years old, and she really only looked about 80 years old. And compared to a 104 year old, you're still incredibly young.

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh, thanks all of you, so much! Being 38 is actually fabulous so far... Hoorah!

Single Mother on the Verge said...

Girl with the mask, I bought the Karma Sutra too, but I mustn't have read it the right way. Maybe it was upside down. I do remember having my heels on the ceiling

So far I have told no one I fancy them, and received no marriage proposals lucy diamond. And it is...what day is it... oh yes... Monday.
Happy Birfdee!

B said...

Happy birthday! Glad it was fab :)

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