Friday, 14 March 2008

A Very Short Post

Rather belatedly, my new Bridalwave column is here.
Have a good weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Loved the column! We didn't have a theme (but then they weren't that big 10 years ago), but it certainly had it's fair share of stress!

I hope you managed to stay relaxed.. and have a great time! :)

Pacha said...

Ours was a relaxed wedding and I had so much fun! We really truely enjoyed ourselves!!! Everyone told me; you'll never eat at your own wedding so don't worry about the menu. I couldn't stop eating (well, apart from during the ceremony at the church itself of course). We had a yummy menu. I had a lot of fun preparing centre tables and souvenirs manually with my mother-in-law though.

Enjoy your relaxed wedding...that is definitely the best theme! Focus on BIG PARTY bit as opposed to wedding bit. IT sounds more to the point, doesn't it?

Lucy Diamond said...

Hi Michelle and thanks - so far I have been worryingly relaxed (apart from going into hyperdrive after that bloomin' magazine!) - I am sure stressful times are ahead but right now, I am deliberately not thinking about them!

Yes Pacha - BIG PARTY, that is exactly what I'm focussing on! Glad yours was relaxed and fun. I might be picking your brain for tips nearer the time!

Clare Sudbery said...

Ooh, you have a column! How exciting!

And hurrah for relaxed weddings and down with themes. It should be fun, not a military campaign!