Saturday, 23 February 2008

Wookey Horror Show

Oh no...half-term is almost over and I'm gutted at the thought of returning to so-called normal life. Lovely partner has had this whole week off work and it's been so nice just arsing around together with the kids. Yesterday was (in theory) the Big Treat...a trip to Wookey Hole, but sadly it didn't quite live up to expectations. It was rather like being back in the 1970s for sheer naffness/bizarreness; I kept expecting to see John Simm with his pointy collars and leather jacket, or maybe Slade wandering around in shiny clothes and big-soled shoes. Okay, so the caves were great, and what saved the rest of it from being a complete rip-off/disappointment was a free circus skills workshop where the kids could all try out tightrope-walking, juggling, plate-spinning but other than that...Jesus, it was the most motley assortment of sideshows and other tat I've ever seen. A paper mill! A teddy bear exhibition! Loads of old slot machines! The most camp circus-themed restaurant in the world!
Won't be rushing back there, that's for sure.

Changing the subject, have you seen Caroline's blog lately? She's only gone and raised over £1000 for One in Four, you know! And it's not too late to download her new novella (love that word) Disraeli Avenue and contribute either, so get yourselves over there. I'm really looking forward to reading DA....sounds a brilliant idea for a book.

Am currently reading When We Were Bad by Charlotte Mendelson which is fantastic - right since the first corking wedding scene, the pace hasn't let up for a second. Brilliant, larger-than-life characters and white-hot writing too, the sort that makes me sooooo envious. I am hooked.

Now, better go, one bedtime left on the agenda then down to work - yes! on a Saturday night! - but I have deadlines coming out of my ears at the moment...


Helen said...

We were at Wookey on Tuesday. I really enjoyed the caves - we had a fab guide who was very droll. The other bits we quickly walked through - but I had expected that to be honest. I only went for the caves! (Am I a nerd?!)

JJ said...

I went to Wookey Hole when I was about 9 or 10 and Husband and I took the kids about eight years ago. I loved the paper mill, but I'm a paper/stationery fetishist, so that explains that... We camped at a cheese farm which was also wonderful. You could watch them making the cheese through the window. But it's okay, I'm total nerd when it comes to stuff like that!

I've just ordered When We Were Bad on Amazon - excellent to hear you're enjoying it.


Lucy Diamond said...

Helen - how funny that you were there this week too! Our cave guide was great as well (droll - that word always reminds me of What Katy Did for some reason) - he had excellent comic timing and the patter was good, even though I am sure he does exactly the same routine day in, day out.
(No, of course you're not a nerd - I think I must be the sad one going there expecting a day of riotous fun - Alton Towers it was not!)

JJ, another nerd confession! I like a bit of stationery myself but could not get worked up about a load of old machines. And the cave-aged cheese was sooo smelly!
I'm starting to think I'm just an old grump though.
Hope you like WWWB!

Leigh said...

Ha! We nearly went this week too, but decided that it was a bit too much of a detour back from Shropshire. I love the caves and, like JJ, I'm a complete stationery-a-holic, so the paper mill's good for me too.

The guidebook (from God-only-knows when) has been a frequent bedtime-reading choice in recent months, so I'm guessing we're going this year, whether we want to or not!

Helen said...

aha - but the cheese tastes really nice (and not at all smelly). My husband went very green at the cheese stage of the caves. He hates the stuff!

And did you guide mention the crack they had spotted in the last cave last week. How we laughed!

Funnily enough I was thinking about you when we were there as I knew you didn't live that far away.

Pacha said...

So I wasn't the only one working on a Saturday night. Have translation work deadlines coming at me at every corner lately and I'm feeling so sorry for myself! But then afterwards I feel such a high. Glad to hear you've had a lovely week 'arsing around' (you make me laugh so much!) with the family!

All the best!

Lucy Diamond said...

Leigh, please don't get your hopes up too high! Mind you, my kids all had a great time, it's just me who's a snob, I think!

Helen - oh yes, the 'cheese stage' was rank - I'm with your husband on that one (well, not literally, but you know...) Glad it tastes better than it smells.

Oh Pacha, it's tough, isn't it, us two hard at work on our Saturday nights. Hmmmph. Glad you felt a high afterwards. I'm giving myself a night off tonight (well, Lost is on, you know) but Monday night I'll be back sitting here, slaving away... Would rather be arsing around any day!

Caroline said...

Mwaaaaaah - thanks for the mention. So many of the novel racers have helped out. A grand bunch of lovely people!

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh, pleasure! You are an inspiration to us all, Caroline!