Monday, 25 February 2008

What's for tea, Mum?

So the kids are back at school, my partner is back in London and I'm back to single parenting and trying not to lock us all out of the house.
Someone please tell me something nice to cheer me up.


Helen said...

Time for you to get out a good romcom DVD for when they're in bed. Mind you you're probably writing tonight aren't you? Glass of wine perhaps?

I've got a new niece. Born yesterday. That's nice. For me though!

Soon be Easter. x

Lucy Diamond said...

Ohhh, a new niece, that's lovely news. I was just thinking the other day it's ages since I held little newborn. I'm due a new niece or nephew in May, am so excited!
A romcom would be a great idea but sadly I have some work to do tonight once bedtime rolls around. Also the thought of all the moaning that would start up if I tried to drag them all out of the house now... Glass of wine though - now you're talking.
Cheers. Am feeling better already. xx

Maddie Moon said...

I'm struggling here, but it's only four weeks until Easter, will that do? I'm counting off the days!

Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks Maddie, that is indeed a cheery thought. Only 3 more Misery Mondays to go!

SpiralSkies said...

How about my 14-year-old's account of his fab skiing holiday last week?

'Loads of snow and 10 plates of meat a day. Quality.'

Didn't even say 'hello'! Grrrrrr.

At least yours go to bed early. Mine are tucking me into bed with patronising smiles...

Would this be a good time to tell you it gets better? :0)


Pacha said...

Oh! Cheery. I don't think I do cheery. I do complaining but cheery. Erm. Let me think.

Focus on how quickly this month will pass and h-t-b will be home for good and then you will get married. And the children will grow up and you'll become a grandmother. Focus also on the fact that your novel is out soon (which cheers ME up). And and and everything will be perfect!

*sigh* I don't know about locking us out of the house. I leave keys dangling on outside of door (not on purpose but because I'm dizzy) so that when hubby gets in he does James Bond shuffling along corridors act to check everything is in order and no thieves are in the house. (Yes, he did really and he scared me s*itless 'cause he was being all quiet and secretive about seeking out robbers...single parenting is best in our household methinks ;))

Caroline said...

I had my first EVER 'I'm having a writer day' today. All thanks to you - you genius woman!!!!

I wrote 3565 words!!!!!! I am not wearing mascara.

I think you are mostly wise and wonderful.


Lucy Diamond said...

SpiralSkies - lol at 10 plates of meat a day!!! And yes, you're right, in a minute I will say goodnight to my eldest and then peace will reign and the evening will be mine so I mustn't grumble (too much) (chance would be a fine thing)... Hope you had a good first day at work today, btw, didn't want to ask on your blog in case your colleagues were snooping again!

Hi Pacha - ohhh, keys dangling outside the door - that is one of my worst fears, I am a bit of a key-checker, especially when h-t-b isn't here. I did laugh about your husband having to come in James Bond styley to check up on you!
Thanks for all your cheering-up words - wedding yes, new novel yes, htb being home yes definitely, being a grandmother...! Well, yes, one day, not for a while I hope! Thank you. Very cheering!

Oh Caroline, brilliant! Glad to have inspired your I'm A Writer (Do Not Disturb) day - and well done on the word count too! "genius" "wise" "wonderful... thanks. Those words may not be entirely true but cheers, they are very nice to hear. xx

SpiralSkies said...

They're snooping all the time so thank you!

Hope you're enjoying some lovely peace and vino now XXX

Lane said...

And now it's Tuesday - which has got to be better than Monday.

And on Friday you can propose ... just to make sure:-)

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers SpiralSkies - yes, the vino was duly consumed and very nice it was too, thank you!

Lane!! I hadn't thought about proposing on Friday - what a brilliant idea! He'd better not say 'no'!

Leigh said...

When I got home on Saturday, after my day without the children (only my 4th ever), the small boy raced up to me and said. "Mummy, this is the best evening ever." When asked why, he said, "Because you came home."

Now, isn't that nice?
I'm still feeling slightly floaty about it now.

Kelly said...

I'm expecting a baby girl!

Will that do?

Pregnant brain has meant I have the local locksmith on speed dial...I can only sympathise.

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh Leigh, that is soooo sweet. Bless him!!! Ooh, I feel all warm inside now. Thanks for telling me that!

And Kelly, that is just gorgeous news. Congrats!!!! (and good luck with the key thing - total nightmare, isn't it?!)