Friday, 1 February 2008

The TBR pile grows a little bit bigger

Ahhhh January's over at last, thank Gawd, and it's Friday too. Hooray! I feel like I just hang on for the weekend at the moment, I'm finding it tough going with my other half being in London 3 days of the week. Not much fun. Still... the big news is, he's handed in his notice at work, so it won't be for that much longer. Another hooray!

So...February. I'm aiming to get to 60,000 words on the novel this month. I will do it, I will do it. If I keep telling myself this, I will do it. I'm also waiting to hear from two publishers about some proposals, so I'm hoping there will be some closure there, one way or another... Please cross your fingers, blogworld, I can't bear a sad ending.

Luckily there are loads of great books around at the moment to distract me from my waiting pain - Milly Johnson's new one, The Birds and The Bees, Slummy Mummy and Mister Pip. Oh, and because I'm rather jammy, I've got a proof of the new Tim Winton book, Breath which I can't wait to read - oooh, I love his stuff. Cloudstreet is up there as one of the best books I've ever read. And of course, if you're out in the bookshops, I do believe that today is the paperback publication date of In Search of Adam - if you haven't read it yet, where have you been? It's fantastic. And the lovely Caroline will be signing copies in Chester tomorrow!

Have a good weekend!


Caroline said...

Awww thanks so much! You've made me smile.
And now I have all of my bits crossed for you. Good luck.


Pacha said...'re having all these big shifts and changes in your family life. And I love it that you mention it in passing...taking it all in your stride with such ease. You're rather brilliant I think!That's fantastic news that you'll be getting hubby back on those 3 days a week!

Good luck with February. I'll cross my fingers for you too. I'll even forgive you for posting...see, I'm not scary really (and far from being strict and disciplined unfortunately)

Shauna said...

fingers crossed for you! toes and eyes too! :)

i am spewingly jealous of your tim winton proof! cloudstreet is one my all time faves :)

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers Caroline! Big pile of ISoA in the Waterstones I was in today by the way!

Pacha - awww, "rather brilliant"? Cheers m'dear. I am so looking forward to life becoming a bit easier and more normal...only 7 or so weeks to go, I think. Oh and I'm so glad I'm forgiven for posting - thank you. I WAS worried.

Hello Shauna, eww toes crossed?, the thought makes me go all squirmy! Eye-crossing is fine though, thanks for your support!
Cloudstreet is sooo brilliant. I read it in a horrible backpackers in Magnetic Island in true hot Aussie sun...

Lane said...

You're doing fantastically and I'm all contorted with bits crossed for you. With hubby back, you'll be flying:-)

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers Lane!

Michelle said...

Ahh.. a fellow reader! You'd be very welcome at my book forum.. as well as discussing your own reading, we have an Author Promotion section, where you can tell us all about your writing too. :)

Lucy Diamond said...

Ooh Michelle, that sounds great. Will definitely check it out - thanks!