Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Good vibrations

I've been tagged by the lovely Leigh and asked to list five ways in which I "raise my vibrations". Ooer, mrs, as they say. Here is my wholesome U-rated list:

1) Going to the gym
I know - who would have thought it? I have developed a crush on the gym - no, not just a crush, a full-blown love affair. I love the cheesy music they play in there. I love filling in the little boxes of my card - increasing all my repetitions, times and weights, charting my progress in black and white. I love that endorphin rush that comes at the end when I'm walking home on jelly-legs. And I especially love that last week I had my first month's review with the manager and all my measurements had gone down - heart rate, blood pressure, fat percentage etc. And all because I mutter "Wedding dress, wedding dress," to myself while I'm panting on the treadmill. So it's a Whoopee for the gym - straight in at number one!

2) A cuddle with h-t-b
...Or any of the kids, for that matter. We are all cuddlers in this family. I love having my cuddles with the kids, feeling their little hands stretch around me. I love getting to breathe in the smell of their hair, feel their faces against mine. And I especially love snuggling up to h-t-b on the sofa of an evening, glass of wine at hand, and something good on the box. Which brings me on to...

3) Top telly
Lost! Heroes! Green Wing! And oh, I did enjoy Mistresses last night too. Hoorah for the small screen!

4) A great book
I do love getting lost in a brilliant book. I love it when you carry the characters around in your head all day, wondering what they're going to do next. And oh, as for BUYING books, well, now you're talking. *Ooh, shall I choose this one next? Oh, this looks good. What a fab cover! Never heard of this author but I like the sound of the blurb... Sod it, I'll buy all of them.* ... That definitely raises my vibrations. As well as my credit card bill, sadly...

5) Holidays
a) Going on holiday but also b) Planning holidays.
We are having a little titchy honeymoon away from the kids after we get married (and sadly it will be titchy - 2 or 3 nights away tops) but hey, I'm still VERY excited about planning and researching where we're going, where we'll stay, and all the rest of it. We're also hoping to take the kids away somewhere special as a 'family honeymoon', cash allowing, so I'm really enjoying looking at holidays on the internet at the moment. Almost as enjoyable as actually going there!

Ahh, I'm feeling quite blissed out after making my list. Am I supposed to tag other people now? I always feel a bit shy about doing that. Tell you what - if you fancy it, help yourself!


Yvonne said...

I fall in and out of love with the gym myself...I need to get back in there! When are you getting married? Congratulations!

CC Devine said...

Love getting lost in holiday fantasies while perusing the Net or travel mags. Have fun choosing!

Lucy Diamond said...

Hi Yvonne, I'm sure my gym-love-in is not going to last forever but as long as it gets me into a slinky wedding dress, I don't care! We are getting married in August, yay! But haven't done much about it yet, boo!

Hi CC Devine, me too. It's been years since we've been abroad and with three kids and school holidays to factor into the equation now I can foresee a lot of camping holidays in Devon for many summers to come... But it would be great to have a proper sunshiney holiday this year - and I reckon getting married is a pretty good excuse, so I'm throwing myself into the research with great enthusiasm!

Anonymous said...

I love cuddles! :)

We got married on August 23rd 1997, and it was sweltering hot. Last year. for our 10th anniversary, the self same day was wet and miserable! LOL

I hope your day goes wonderfully when it arrives!

SpiralSkies said...

There's something rather marvellous about confessing to a love of telly. It's so dull when people pretend they spend every evening reading Hemingway and listening to obscure jazz that only a trained rat can understand.

Am mighty impressed that the gym came in at Number 1... crikey, who'd have thought, eh?

Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks, Michelle! I've been telling myself "Oh, it's ages away yet, no need to panic" but we made a list the other night of what needs organising and it seems like quite a lot...gulp... Time to get my clipboard and action plan started, I reckon! PS Glad you had sunshine for yours... we're getting married in August too but that doesn't mean anything weather-wise in this country, does it?

Hi SpiralSkies,
Obviously most evenings I AM listening to obscure jazz and reading the works of Hemingway (again) but you know, sometimes I do like to slum it with a spot of televisual entertainment...
Oh all right. Nearly every night I slum it with the telly. Glad you don't think any less of me for it! :)
PS... Gym at number one! I know! I was shocked to see it rocket in there too! Don't worry, it will all be a distant memory soon, I'm sure.

Leigh said...

This is a great, meme, Lucy! Your description of the gym is sooo accurate; you must go to the same place as me! I liked the cuddling one too. I'm a big fan of cuddles (and of holidays too - happy planning!)

Lucy Diamond said...

Hi Leigh,
Glad you liked it!
I thought of your 'snotty cardy' post this morning when I realised my top had a lovely snotmark on it after my goodbye school run hugs this morning...ahhh well, sod it, I'm at home writing today, nobody need see it!

Maddie Moon said...

Oh I can relate to the telly and the cuddles and the books, but the gym? No, no, no, I just don't get that. Not that I've ever been to a gym, but I'm sure I wouldn't like it with all those fit, healthy types hanging around.
Great meme!

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers Maddie! Luckily there are a fair few unhealthy shamblers like me in the gym I go to - and I just try my hardest to ignore the ones who can go faster than me on the treadmill (which is nearly everyone sadly!)


Oh, I love telly too but didn't mention it. I don't know why!

So glad Lost is back and that all my other favourites will be soon, now the writer's strike is over :o)

Lucy Diamond said...

Karen, I am so tragically excited about Lost, it's not true. Now we just need Heroes on again and I'll never want for anything else!