Thursday, 24 January 2008

Ohhhhh! or Uhhhhh?

I've got three words for you. And when you read them, you'll either go, "Ohhhhhhhh!" or "Uhhhh?" Are you ready? Okay, here they are:


So, which are you? I am definitely in the former response category. In fact, I was a bit louder than a mere "Ohhhhhhh!", I was a "OHHHHH MY GODDD! I LOVED those books!"
Yes, my eldest is still devouring the Enid Blytons like there's no tomorrow and she's onto the delights of Jimmy, Lotta, Lucky the dog (such a clever little dog) and of course Mr Galliano himself (who is camp as Christmas from an adult's perspective). I found myself reading Hurrah For the Circus at breakfast this morning, oooh, it's a good 'un.

There. That's today's blog. An extremely literary and highbrow one too, I'm sure you'll agree. I bet they'll be clamouring for me to be one of the Booker judges now!


Pacha said...

They haven't translated Enid Blyton's books in Italian...I loved 'The Magic Faraway Tree' as a kid but no-one has ever heard of it (or even Blyton, believe it or not) in the bookstores/libraries I go to here.

I'm reading 'Seacrow Island' by Astrid Lindgren to the kids at the moment. I haven't read it before (but I am enjoying it!) but we loved Pippi Longstockings so I'm sure we'll like this too.

Lane said...

I am an ooooooh, thrice oooooh.
One of my daughters was also an ooh but the other unfortunately was an uhhh?

Great news about the new agent btw ... and the diet:-)

JJ said...

I loved Malory Towers, the Twins of St Clare's, Famous Five and the Secret Seven, but had absolutely NO IDEA who you were talking about!

Lucy Diamond said...

Pacha, I'm shocked the Italians don't do Blyton!!!!! OMG. Must start a campaign. Maybe.
I hadn't heard of Seacrow Island but I loved (and still love) the Pippis. Fab.

Lane, you are my only Ooooohh so far, thank goodness you posted!

JJ, I'm sad you never experienced the joys of Mr Galliano and gang... but hey, all the others you mention are bloody good ones at least. Maybe you could suggest Mr Galliano's Circus for your next book group? No?

Juliette M said...

Oooooh! I read Hurrah for the Circus again last week. I love Lotta and Jimmy, and the tigers Ruby and Queenie. I used to pretend I had two pet tigers called Ruby and Queenie when I was younger, just because of the book.

I had a mini-kids-crush on Lilliput, too. It would have been great to live with him and his monkey Jemima!!!

Agreed Mr G is amazingly camp. :)

Congrats on the agent btw!

Lucy Diamond said...

Hooray!!! Juliette! That's more like it. Shall we start a fan club?

If I ever get any tigers, I will definitely call them Ruby and Queenie. :)
(Not sure about the crush on Lilliput though...but Jemima is a bit of a sweetheart!)

Leigh said...

I'm definitely an "Ohhhhhhhh!"

I loved those books. I had two or three of them, and read and read them until they fell apart.

I couldn't have told you what they were called, or who they were by, but would love get them for my kids - so I'm really glad you wrote this post!

I'm off to visit Amazon now!

Caroline said...

I am a oooooooooooooooooh.
Pink hardback cover?
BUT more so because you have Lotta on your list. I love love love Lotta.

Graeme K Talboys said...

Ooh. Suddenly feel all deprived. Apart from the Pirate readers, I cannot remember any really youthful reading. My brother and sister were (one still is) seven years older than me and I was always reading what they and my mother read. I loved my comics, but being a precocious brat I was well into the adult canon of fiction by the time I was ten.

panu said...

ew. Enid Blyton.

I loved her as a child though.

Now I think she is a racist.

Loved her way of describing food, though.

Ah the scones.

Lucy Diamond said...

Hello Leigh, welcome fellow Ohhhh-er! I got all three of the circus ones from the Amazon marketplace, and it was definitely money well spent!

Caroline - yes, pink hardback cover, that's the one! Oh, I loved Lotta as well. I wanted to BE Lotta actually. Still do. Maybe one day...

Graeme, ahh, you see, that's what you get for being a precocious brat... ;) (Don't worry, I'm sure the deprivation of Mr Galliano won't have scarred you TOO deeply!)

Panu, you're right, the casual racism is shocking. Not the most pc of people, our Enid. Also, the sexism is just a nightmare - my daughter keeps asking, "Why are the boys always doing all the exciting stuff?" There's so much "Well, you're only a girl" in the dialogue...arrrghh.
Scones - now you're talking. We like scones. Midnight feasts too - ooh, she was good on those!