Thursday, 31 January 2008

Nearly at the midpoint...

After the mellow sun of yesterday ("it feels like Spring!" we kept saying), it's wild, wet and blustery today. Brrr. Lovely to be cosy in my office though. I can see H-t-b and our youngest daughter putting up bird feeders in the garden; daughter keeps running over to gurn through the window at me which is a bit distracting but very sweet!

Had a good day on the novel yesterday - 4,000 new words added to the counter, so I'm very very nearly at that lovely 50,000 word halfway point. It feels about right - all three of the main characters have hit that midpoint crisis moment in their stories and are in transition, if you know what I mean. And I did enjoy writing my character's bad-girl night out yesterday. There's nothing like a bit of vicarious debauchery to put a spring in your step!

Today's workload doesn't look quite so appealing. I've got to do a chapter breakdown for a new book in this American children's series I'm co-writing. Then I've got two manuscripts in a different series to go through - the first needs a few tweaks after its copy-edit, and the second needs a proper second draft. And if I get that far (which I probably won't), there's my new column for Bridalwave to write too... Say yes to too many projects at once? What, me?


Lane said...

4000 words yesterday! Wowwee!

Hope you manange to get all your edits and column done. Stay snug. It's foul out there today!

JJ said...

Coo excellent wordage there. Very glad you're enjoying it.

Lucy Diamond said...

Hi Lane,
I'm snug, I'm snug! Just popped out to the gym (Operation Wedding Dress still going well) but now am back, heater on, warming my hands at the pc. Ahhh...

Hi JJ,
Coo! You sound like someone from the Famous Five with your coo! It was very gratifying, I must say, to up that word counter by a good chunk. Good luck with your own wordage!