Thursday, 3 January 2008

It's all so quiet

..And suddenly the house went all quiet.
School has begun today and the older two have been packed off grumbling in their clean uniform. Oooh, I'd forgotten how hectic it is on a school morning, quite a jolt back to reality for us after the lovely lazy holidays. We are in disgrace as a family because we (well, I say 'we' out of the kindness of my heart even though I wasn't actually there at the time) managed to LOSE Betty Bunny, the class cuddly rabbit that my eldest was responsible for over the holidays. They each take it in turn to bring Betty home for the weekend along with Betty's Diary where the child is meant to write up all the adventures they've had with Betty during that time. Unfortunately for us, Betty made a break for it on the first day of the school holidays, losing herself somewhere in town. Much drama and wailing has been had from eldest etc etc. (I did my best to hold back from saying, "Well, I must say, I didn't think it was a great idea taking her into town in the first place, but you did insist...")

Anyway, the long and short of it is, I have had to buy a new Betty Bunny for eldest to take in (thankfully I found a similar Betty in the charity shop up the road for 50p). But yes. We are sure to be known as The Family Who Lost Betty from now on. Black marks all round.

Here at home, I'm cracking on with a new story today - book 3 in a girls' series I'm writing for Usborne that's hopefully coming out later this year, autumn, I think. Lovely. I'm also trying to get a brand spanking new series proposal ready to send to my agent next would be so nice to start the year with a nice new contract, wouldn't it? Here's hoping...


Lane said...

You had me going then:-) I was seriously worried for Betty, hopping around amongst the traffic and probably getting squished!

And hope a shiny new contract is in your hands very soon!

Lucy Diamond said...

Let's just hope Betty has been adopted by the lucky child who found her in the street, rather than kicked into the gutter!
A shiny new contract would be soooo nice...must crack on with this proposal immediately!

CC Devine said...

A new contract for a new year - sounds like a great idea. Hope it works out.

As for poor old Betty, well, worse things could have happened and at least you've managed to find a convincing replacement!

Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks CC!
Sadly, I'm not sure the replacement is terribly convincing as the new Betty is about twice the size of the old one...but it was all I could find, and at 50p I couldn't say no.
My daughter decided she'd get round it by telling her class that Betty ate too much Christmas dinner. (me and Betty both...)

Helen said...

Mine is still at home (watching Willy Wonka - old version!) but it is still quiet. There is no snow, no-one is about outside and online is quite quiet too.

Lucy Diamond said...

Helen, that sounds pretty damn perfect actually! Quick, shut your eyes and have a snooze while you have the chance!

Debs said...

I remember having to replace goldfish and not being able to find the right colours so told the children that they had been on antibiotics causing them to change slightly. Best of luck with the series proposal.

Sally Lawton said...

I was once given the school stick insects to look after one summer when I was little. They both died on day one, don't ask me how. So my dad had to buy some new ones and they had babies and I took a tank full of around 20 back to school, the head teacher just shook her head!
I was never given anything to look after again!

All the best with the writing projects too :-)

Caroline said...

Now that would be a fabulous start to the year! :)

And how could you lose Betty?!?!?
Wait till the press get a hold of that story!

Oh but wouldn't it make a fabulous children's story :)


Lucy Diamond said...

Hi Debs, smart thinking on the antibiotics line! I reckon schools do these wretched pet things to test us parents half the time. I definitely failed with Betty...must try harder!

Hi Sally, oh, the shame of being a stick insect murderer! Still, you redeemed yourself by becoming an expert in breeding the things, at least...sorry to hear your old headteacher wasn't quite as thrilled by your success as he/she might have been!

Hi Caroline - oh don't! It wasn't my fault, honest guv.
You're right though, it's great material for a children's story there. What happened next to Betty Bunny? We need to know!
The happy ending for us is that my daughter's teacher was VERY understanding and we haven't all been expelled. Phew.

Jane Henry said...

Oh Lucy, you had me howling with laughter. I hate it when those bloody toys come home from school. My nightmare was when the teacher thought my four year old needed comforting after her grandpa died, so we got Sparrow the cat the week of the funeral. My daughter had to be persuaded NOT to bring Sparrow to the funeral - I could just see me explaining how Sparrow accidentally went up in smoke because my daughter thought Grandpa would need a friend...

Den said...

'Any way you want me' - fantstic, mind provoking, total switch off time. I feel lost now - what do I do until Aug 08. I felt like Whoopie Goldberg in Ghost when reluctantly she handed over the chq to Nuns, I didn't want to hand 'Anyway you want me' back.Can't wait for next one, so get a move on - August is too long.

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh Denise!! Thank you. You just made my day. So glad you liked Any Way You Want Me - really nice of you to tell me as much! Cheers. Much appreciated. xx

Sorry Jane - I must have missed your comment. What a nightmare with Sparrow - that could so easily have gone horribly, horribly wrong!