Wednesday, 2 January 2008

I predict a diet

Happy New Year! So how was it for you? Seen off the hangover yet? Promised all kinds of denial and self-torture in the name of resolutions?

I’m a bit of a sucker for New Year, I have to say. All right, so I’m a sentimental old fool anyway, but there’s something about that old year/new year assessment of the last 365 days, and all the hope and looking forward to the next 365 days…I like the way it punctuates your life, new year, and makes you think about whether or not you’re on track.

2007 was a busy year for me. Big dramas and big changes, quite a lot of stress in there too. I hope 2008 is going to be a bit calmer.
I’ve only got one resolution this year and it’s a bit of a cliché: lose some weight and get fit. Yes – it’s the Wedding Dress Action Plan cranking into action…just half a stone off would be good, nothing too alarming…I want to feel a bit slinky when I’m swishing up the aisle, that’s all. So I’m going to join the gym round the corner (about a minute’s walk away…it really couldn’t be nearer, so no excuses) and work on the three Bs – bum, belly and bingo wings. And, depressingly, impose a chocolate ration on myself. I’ll keep you posted.

It’s much nicer and more fun to make wish-lists on January 1st though, isn’t it? Keep fit resolutions are a bit of a drag. Already I feel a bit uggggh about mine. (Although frankly, as soon as the wedding is over, I will be throwing my gym trainers to the back of the wardrobe where they’ve been for the last four years and loading up the supermarket trolley with Cadburys' finest.) So…wish list for 2008:

Fab, stress-free wedding
Second novel, Over You, flies up the bestseller chart in August
Third novel is finished and brilliant and gets snapped up for publication
We turn our shabby old house into an immaculate, freshly painted, no-dusty-corners home at last
Oh, and of course, good health and happiness for all friends and family, and lovely blog readers everywhere. That's not too much to ask, is it? Here’s to 2008!


Sarah Ball said...

Your wish list sounds just like my to-do list, lol!
I hope they all come true for you in 2008, happy new year!

Lucy Diamond said...

And to you too - just read your list and it was very familiar! (am also looking forward to Dancing On Ice...hurrah!)

Helen said...

I do love wish lists. I like this time of the year too. A clean break, a new start. Good luck with your plans!

CC Devine said...

Best of luck with Wedding Dress Action Plan. My body could do with a bit of work on the three Bs too and as this year is my year of weddings (4 at the last count) I'll be trying to do the same as you even if your dress is a wedding dress and mine with be a guest dress as it were!wznievz

Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks Helen - wish lists are the way forward!

Cheers CC - those bloomin' three Bs, eh? Good luck with yours!

Sally Lawton said...

Happy New Year! Wishing you a wonderful 2008 :-)

Lucy Diamond said...

You too Sally!

Caroline said...

Dancing on Ice! I am so excited! Going to see HSMusical on ice next week :)

Anyway. I wanted to say Happy New Year and to wish you fun and happiness in your wedding plans.
I so love happily ever after.
And a diet for such a reason is perfect.


Lane said...

I love that blog title!

There will be no riots at your wedding. You'll be beautiful Lucy!


Lucy Diamond said...

HSMusical on ice!! Ooh, that will be fab, Caroline. Thanks for your nice words. I do love a good wedding. I just hope it's as much fun being the bride as it is being a guest!

And oh, Lane, you say the nicest things! Thank you. Have a great 2008!

Sarah*G* said...

Happy New Year to you Lucy!
I can't do resolutions. As soon as I say I am going to stop doing or eating something (usually chocolate) I just want to do or eat it all the more. God knows how I will get on with the whole lose weight and get fit again palava (is that even a word?) but none the less I am going to see a man at a gym who has a plan! A man with a plan. Always a good start, especially as I couldn't plan my way out of a paper bag...
but 1 thing I do want to do this year, preferably before spring, is finish my book. I will. I will. (Repeat over and over till it happens) :)

Lucy Diamond said...

You will, you will, you will! (but not before me, I hope!)
A man with a plan sounds good, if a little bit scary. Good luck!