Thursday, 6 December 2007

We interrupt this blog to bring you a brief moan

Now, you know me. Sentimental old fool. Lover of Christmas, parties, booze, mince pies and any excuse to buy a huge tin of Roses etc (of course burned off by kitchen jogging shenanigans immediately afterwards ahem). BUT this year, for the first time, I am actually hearing myself say "Roll on January" and even "bloody Christmas!"

This is not usual. I don't like saying these things and being a grump. But I am just really sick of requests every single day for the past month or so for raffle prize donations, tombola donations, home-made cake donations (are they mad?) etc for school and playgroup Crimbo fairs. Christmas show costumes to provide! Christmas dinner money to provide! Forms to sign and cut and hand in saying that yes, son and daughter are allowed to walk down the road with teachers for Christmas carol concert. School-produced Christmas cards to order and pay for! Signing up to guilt rotas saying that yes, I will help set up wretched Crimbo fair and blah-di-blah-di-blah.

Make it STOP!!!!!

I haven't even had time to buy my sodding prezzies yet, with all this palaver to deal with.
Roll on January. Bloody Christmas!


Pacha said...

I completely agree with you. It's all this extra stuff that kills xmas spirit dead! No time to actually enjoy the xmas feeling with all this crap!

Lucy Diamond said...

I'm hoping that once we've got the Christmas school fair over with tonight, I will be feeling slightly more festive. Maybe a large glass of mulled wine (or two) will help me through the whole experience!


IF it's any consolation it all seems to fizzle out when they get to secondary school. There hasn't been any requests for...anything this year and, perversely, I find myself missing it (only a bit though!)

Jen said...

I cried every year at the sheer overwhelmingness of all the primary school Christmas stuff.

Now that both my beasts are at secondary school, I'm weepy that I haven't got the carol concert or dodgy school play to suffer.

Chin up old girl, nearly time to put the sprouts on! X

Lucy Diamond said...

I know, I must get a grip and stop whinging! Just been to the Christmas Fair and it was actually really lovely for all my moaning. And we won a bottle of red and two boxes of chocs on the tombola so all of a sudden, I've got my Christmas spirit back!

Lane said...

Know exactly what you mean but like the others have said, once out of junior school, they do zilch. (but still a never ending stream of forms to sign ....with correct money:-(

Glad you enjoyed the Fair and what good prizes:-)

Fiona said...

Karen's right and I certainly don't miss my boys bringing home cake boxes for me to fill with a coffee and walnut creation - like all I did all day was stay at home in my slippers watching australian soaps.

It's just that now I have the time to make a coffee and walnut cake - no one wants it :(

Leigh said...

It being my first term as the mother of a school-child, I have been astonished at the number of things I am expected to do. I just point to the two littlies (one of them still with leg in plaster), and say, "No. Sorry. I can't do it."

It's amazing how many of them then offer suggestions as to how I might reorganise my life, in order for me to be available for them...


Lucy Diamond said...

Lane - yes, good prizes indeed! Hoorah for the school fair, I take it all back.

Oh Fiona - I'd love a slice of your coffee and walnut cake! Meanwhile, I'll be banging out some more fairy cakes for tomorrow (playgroup Christmas fair...)

Leigh - good for you for saying no to the madness. What are these people LIKE?