Friday, 28 December 2007

Old leaves and new shoots

I like the lull between Christmas and New Year - these days of curling up on the sofa to read books and eat Roses, assembling new Lego sets and finding 900 batteries for all the new Christmas games, settling down in front of corny films, and catching up with friends for mulled wine and mince pies. The quietness and stillness is comforting after the shrieks and excitement of the Big Day.

Yesterday, my son and I ventured out to the back garden to rake up all the leaves that were piling up in the flowerbeds. Never had to do that in the old place as the garden was so titchy there, we only had room for one small rowan tree, a few flowers and a scrap of lawn. The new garden isn't what you'd call big either, but we've got a couple of gorgeous cotinuses, a cherry tree and ahem some other large bushy thing so have had loads of lovely leaves to pick up. It was great discovering previously hidden new green shoots that were poking up in the flowerbeds - I'm excited about what secrets this garden will reveal in spring. I've spotted some snowdrops coming through but the others are still a mystery.

It's been quite a year, 2007. Any Way You Want Me published in April, moving house and city in July, and a marriage proposal in August. I'm looking forward to seeing what other green shoots come up in 2008...

PS I nearly forgot to add this brilliant news... Any Way You Want Me has been picked as one of Keris's Top Ten of 2007 over at Trashionista! How fab is that?!


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

very VERY fab. Congratulations!

Pacha said...

Fantastic Lucy!

I love this post. My kids are coughing their way through their Christmas holidays and I am so not enjoying this lull between Christmas and New years! But it's nice to see it in another perspective. (And thanks for reminding me to get out into my garden to sort it out! I have bluebell and daffodil shoots there.) Yesterday we went to fetch fish for the acquarium the kids got from their uncle for Christmas and it took HOURS to help Javi set up the massive castle lego he got for his birthday. And I spent hours over the battery section at the supermarket today!

Glad you had a lovely Christmas Lucy!

Can't wait for your second novel to come out in 2008! (will I find it off chance in an italian bookshop d'you think???? I rather hope so!)

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers Zinnia!

Hi Pacha, ooh does this mean you are back from your offline-ness? (dreadful word but you know what I mean ahem)
Bluebells and daffodils...ooh, I love spring. I am intrigued to know what my other shoots are, they're very big and fleshy. Hmmm!
Our lego has been Aqua raiders here - a submarine and a giant crab, great fun.
Happy new year, both of you! (nearly)

Flowerpot said...

sounds a great year, Lucy and let's hope 2008 is just as good!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

BTW did you know A.Writer has picked Any Way You Want Me as one of her top five fiction books she read in 2007? And on that note, I wish you a happy, productive and successful 2008!

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers Flowerpot, and you too!

Zinnia - I didn't know that! How exciting! Thanks for telling me xxx

SpiralSkies said...

Your year has been pretty spangly all round really - I truly hope it continues.

Happy New Year! X

dulwichmum said...

What wonderful news re the book! Well done. Happy new year.

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers Ms Spiral Skies! (should I call you that now?) obviously one of my highlights of 2007 was meeting you, m'dear! Hope you have a very happy 2008 too. xx

Hello Dulwich Mum! Nice to see you. Hope you have a great 2008. xx