Friday, 7 December 2007

Jingle bells

I was woken this morning by the sound of singing from the room next door (shared by son and youngest daughter). How sweet, I thought. Bless them!, I thought. What lovely little children I've got.
Then I went in to their room and heard:

Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin flew away
Uncle Billy lost his willy on the motorway...

..with accompanying guffaws of laughter.
Youngest daughter is delighted. Her first rude song! It has been sung ad infinitum ever since. At breakfast, on the way to school, and all through this morning's playgroup session apparently. Like poor old Uncle Billy, I'm now starting to lose the will to live.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Well, I've had a tough day; plumbing problems, two funerals in a row, then home to find another rejection in my inbox. But this post cheered me up no end! Thank you!

Pacha said...

But it's funny!!!

Although I totally understand how repetition can kill the soul!

Jingle Bells will never be the same again!

Lucy Diamond said...

Sorry to hear about your tough day, Zinnia - thank goodness some good old puerile humour cheered you up!

Yes, it's the repetition that is driving me nuts, Pacha. It was sung constantly throughout tea-time by all three children. Gaaaahhh!

Lane said...

Poor Uncle Billy;-)

I love little kids humour and the fact that they find the same thing funny for hours, days, weeks aaargh:-)

Leigh said...

I must have had a very sheltered childhood: I thought I was being really naughty singing the first line... but I never knew the second!

Small girl is singing Jingle Bells (the proper version) all the time at the moment, so I don't think I'll be introducing her to the alternative just yet (as much as I like it - tee hee hee!!!)

CC Devine said...

Am still giggling as I type. Just love children and how easily entertained they are by fart jokes or a semi-rude word.

They will eventually tire of this. Maybe next year...:)

Lucy Diamond said...

Poor Uncle Billy indeed, Lane. Ouch. You've got to be careful on those motorways, you know.

Leigh - the new one for us is what my youngest calls 'Little Lord Jesus' ie Away in a Manger. Sung with the most solemn angelic little expression you could imagine. Phew. I think Uncle Billy has been forgotten for a while...

Hi CC - I laughed too the first time I heard it. It's really hard keeping a straight face when you say, "Now that's enough, that's a bit rude!" Thankfully it hasn't been sung while my parents have been staying!