Tuesday, 13 November 2007

I'm a Saddo, get me out of here

So....hands up who watched I'm A Celebrity? Oooooh I love that programme. I must confess I got a bit excited and went and bought some wine and chocolate especially for the occasion. (Yes, it's sad. No, I don't care.)
What a rabble they've got this year though. Blimey. Cerys Matthews, what are you doing there??? Mind you, you'd want to be in Cerys' s team wouldn't you, and not shrieking-banshee Janice's team. Can you imagine being stuck with her for a couple of weeks? I think I would feed her to the crocs.

Anyway, trash-telly aside for now, and onto serious work stuff. I have been very busy with the children's books this month - deadlines for three first drafts for different series and different publishers to deliver, which is not the best timing and has been stressing me out quite a lot. However....trumpet fanfare - I sent the first one off last week (mermaid story), the second one off yesterday (Oliver Moon and the Monster Mystery) and the third story is almost done, with just a bit of final 'polishing' needed before I have to send it off next week. But now I have a bit of space in my schedules to work on my new novel this week and next - hoorah. Just over 32,000 words in now - am trying to hit 50,000 by Christmas. And on that note...


Jen said...

Cerys M is the only person I've actually heard of this series I think, apart from the bulgy-eyed chef bloke.

It should be re-named "I'm a Celebrity... I am, honest!"

Sounds as if you're doing brilliantly on the writing front. I'm determined to retreat to my bed at nine each night to scribble some words instead of gawping at good ol' Ant 'n' Dec. My resolve may crumble after a glass of wine, of course.

Caroline said...

I bow at your writerly feet.


dulwichmum said...

Dear Lucy,

I love your new book cover. I can't wait to dash out and buy it.

Lane said...

Janice Dickinson is one scary woman.
Bring back Jimmy Osmond I say:-)

Well done on having all those words out there and writing so many more:-)

Lucy Diamond said...

Jen - if you manage your nightly writing retreat then you are a better woman than I, with way more will-power! I am already sucked in...arrrgghh!

Oh Caroline!! No bowing necessary around here - especially as all those first drafts will no doubt come back to me with red pen scrawls and comments for rewriting. *sigh* I am just enjoying the brief moment of smugness and phew-done-it before I have to face up to the reality!

Thanks Dulwich Mum! Yours looks pretty damn good too! ;)

Hi Lane - I think Janice is turning out to be good value now. I wouldn't want to camp out with her in an ITV-tended corner of rainforest but she does have some corking lines! It's Katie Hopkins who I want to see suffering now...bring on the snake venom!

Clare said...

Oh, I am so in awe of your organised creative prolificness. You are my role model. I want to be you when I grow up.

And now maybe you can tell me... who the hell IS that Janice woman? She's a nightmare! And therefore v. entertaining, obv. But who is the Anna woman? She looks so familiar I felt sure she was in I'm a Celebrity last year. Which was a general feeling, in fact. They have such archetypes on there - they seem to have come up with a formula and stick to it every year, so you feel like it's just the same people again and again. But anyway, first I thought that Anna woman was Zoe from Emmerdale, and then I decided she was one of those makeover women. Changing Rooms or something. Am I right?

Clare said...

P.S. Oh God yes, that Katie woman is AWFUL. Reminded me of Carol Thatch actually, although I have to confess I got a soft spot for her in the end, whereas this one just seems unremittingly terrible. Which is no surprise given she's from The Apprentice, which is a program I can't even watch, the contestants are all so consistently despicable. They make me want to run amok through Canary Wharf with torture implements, doing a bit of wanker cleansing.

Lucy Diamond said...

Hi Clare,
You say 'organised creative prolificness' - I say, aaarrgghh stress, why did I agree to these ridiculous schedules, quick, churn out a few thousand words!
(Ahem. Don't tell my editors that.)

Back to I'm a Celeb - I didn't know who Janice was either. Apparently she's a supermodel but that's news to me. And yes, Anna was on Changing Rooms.

Wanker cleansing!!! Excellent phrase. I beg you to do it, Clare, you will be doing the world a favour. But I disagree on The Apprentice - ohhhh I love that programme. Fabulous. (You can tell I've just moved and don't have much of a social life yet - my life is ruled by telly at the moment. Sad...)

Clare said...

I am taking my torture implements right now and I'm getting on a train to Canary Wharf, and when they arrest me I shall tell them you told me to do it.

It is a good phrase though. Maybe I should write a book with that title? A kind of manual?

I am addicted to I'm a Sleb btw, it seems to be particularly good value this year.

Clare said...

Is JD an ex-man btw? I could have sworn she said something abhout not having any tits "when she was a boy" last night...