Tuesday, 20 November 2007

I am the eggman

Scene: kitchen table, yesterday evening, eldest daughter and son finishing tea.

Daughter (moodily pushing piece of fish around her plate): Who decided that I was going to be a meat-eater, anyway?

Me (taken aback): Well, you did.

Daughter (dropping fork dramatically): No, I didn't!

Me: Yes, you did. You don't have to eat meat. If you want to be a vegetarian like Dad, that's fine. But that means you have to eat extra things like eggs, nuts and cheese, for protein. (*wicked smile on face*) And lots of vegetables.

Daughter (pulling face): Yuck. I don't want to be a vegetarian. I'm going to be an omelette.

Me (even more taken-aback): You're going to be an omelette?

Daughter: Yep. We learned about it at school. It's like an in-between thing. Where you don't eat meat and you don't eat vegetable stuff either.

Son (ears pricking up): I want to be an omelette too.

Me (mystified): An omelette? (realisation dawning): Ahhhh. Do you mean an omnivore?

Daughter: That's what I said!

Me (trying not to laugh): Ahh. Well, I think it means something slightly different actually...

PS I am so happy to have raised two little omelettes. Does that make me Mother Hen, do you think?


Lane said...

Aw - that's enough to make you clucky:-)

My daughter's had chicks in her classroom for the last couple of weeks. When it was time for them to leave she decided she could never eat meat again. She lasted until Sunday when she announced she'd become a 'Half Vegetarian'. Still haven't quite worked out what that is:-)

Lucy Diamond said...

Bless her. Sunday is a difficult day to be a vegetarian!

Leigh said...

Ooh, you're a cruel woman (and oh-so sensible too).

I had almost exactly the same conversation with my own mother, although I liked vegetables, and went for the no-meat-cool-teenager option. My mother agreed happily, and thus committed my father (the cook), to years of having to cook two dishes for every meal. He wasn't pleased.

Vicky said...

well, you've inspired me to start my own blog. can't promise it'll be as entertaining as yours, but i'm getting into it ;)

Lucy Diamond said...

Leigh - I often do the veggie/non-veggie two-meal cooking thing, it's a right pain. (I was veggie myself for four years - it was a Sunday roast that was my downfall...)

Excellent news Vicky - will definitely pop over for a visit!

Leigh said...

Bacon was mine.

Lucy Diamond said...