Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Return of the Diamond

Hello again,

Is anybody out there?
Sorry for the recent quietness. I haven't been the best blogger lately, have I? Somehow or other the months just kept rolling by, and still I didn't get near the old Blogger Dashboard. And now I'm out of the habit, and it's been so long there's way too much to say in a single post. (phew, nice one, that's got me out of a lengthy catch-up session.)

But anyway, shameful slackness aside, I have been busy.

We moved house three months ago - eek, I can't believe it's that long. Quarter of a year! (And have we finished unpacking? Have we buggery. And have we all settled in? Well, kind of. We're getting there.)

It's strange, upping sticks and moving to a different part of the country where you don't know anybody.
"Ooh, you are BRAVE," people kept saying to me before we moved.
"Oh, it'll be FINE!" I kept replying breezily. (I think that's what they call 'denial'. Or perhaps 'kidding myself'.)
And the day before we moved, I actually thought, What's all the fuss about? It's not like we're moving to a different country and saying goodbye to our friends forever! In fact, I even started wishing we were making a bigger move, all going travelling round the world for a few years or something fun like that.

I have moved around a lot before, living in lots of different British cities and travelling to lots of different parts of the world. It was always really easy in the past, packing up and moving on. Exciting to have a new address, make new friends, explore a new area. But leaving Brighton was definitely the biggest wrench so far. Saying goodbye to all our friends...I cried. Saying goodbye to all the school mums...I cried. I even cried on two of the teachers at school, what a saddo.

And then, wandering round the old house the day we moved, saying goodbye to all the different rooms made me AND the two eldest cry - especially when it came to saying goodbye to mine and partner's bedroom where the two youngest had been born. I still get a shiver down my spine thinking about that. I can't believe I won't be in that room again. It holds so many memories.

So. Anyway. Nine hundred and eighty-seven boxes later (slight exaggeration but that's what it felt like) we were packed. We loaded up and drove away, nearly all of us boo-hooing in the car.
I felt like we were leaving behind so many good friends and memories. (oh Gawd, don't start me off, I'm starting to get all tearful again, just thinking about it.)

We did all the unloading, found the kettle, bought in pizza, drank (lots of) wine. And then we realised we had about ten 18-year-old Polish backpackers living next door to us, playing that bloody Umbrella song at top volume all day and night long. More boo-hooing.
We've really done it now, I thought.

(to be continued)
(Yeah, I know, just like a soap opera, innit?)
(Coming in the next instalment: the school appeal, wot I dun on my holidays and a proposal)
(That's yer lot for now, though.)


JJ said...

Ooooh, my 'Feed' lit up in bold. Lucy's posted. (I'm sorry, I know it's not you're real name, but you'll always be 'Lucy' to JJ (which isn't really my real name either!)

How lovely to have you back. I've been looking forward to hearing all your moving new home stories.And yes, JUST like a soap opera: wonderful.

Good to have you back.


Clare said...

Yay for the Diamond!

All rather exciting really. Looking forward to the next instalment.

Helen said...

Welcome back! Look forward to hearing more - especially if you managed to shut up 'Umbrella'!

Lucy Diamond said...

Awwww...bless yez. So nice to see your replies, I thought I'd have slipped off everybody's radars by now. Glad the hardcore readers are still around!

Next instalment on its way soon - just have to get Oliver Moon's Monster Mystery well underway first...

(Helen - that Umbrella song still gives me flashbacks to lying in bed, fists clenched, wanting to kill the neighbours. Not one to play at the wedding.)

(Oops. Did I say wedding?)
(Now I've gone and let the cat right out of the bag.)

Pacha said...

Oh hooray! You're back! Glad the move is over with and the settling in stage in underway. Good luck with everything! So, are all the children in the same school? Here's hoping!

Pacha said...


Lucy Diamond said...

Hello lovely Pacha!

School? Wedding? It's on my to-blog list...!