Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Is Mummy working AGAIN?

"Is Mummy working AGAIN?" I heard my youngest ask, as Husband-to-Be ushered her and her siblings out of the house on the school run this morning. "But she worked yesterday!"

Afraid so, sweetpea. Mummy is the only breadwinner at the moment - lovely H-t-B has taken three months' unpaid parental leave to do the house up a bit and look after the kids on the 3 days that I'm (supposedly) working now. This 3 months off started in September and so far has been blissful... both of us sharing school runs, cooking, washing - and he has also done loads to the house. Result. However, I haven't managed a single week where I've actually worked three full days yet as I've been helping out in my kids' classes, and sorting out the fruit and veg at school some mornings and generally being a bit keen. It was actually very nice to get to know all the kids, and it really helped settle in my eldest two, but it did mean I wasn't getting a whole lot done. That was why I didn't even DARE go near Blogger for a while.

However, it's a new half-term and I've had to stop being such a keeno and drop out of all the school help for now. I'm going to work REALLY hard for this last month of domestic harmony, before H-t-B goes back to work in Dec and life suddenly gets a whole lot harder. Oliver Moon Book 12 to finish (still haven't cracked it) and other children's things, plus I want to get a big chunk of the new novel under my belt too. So that's the plan.

Anyway. Why did I tell you all that? Maybe I'm procrastinating... Clare Sudbery has just written a great article on author procrastination over at Bookarazzi, by the way, if you fancy a look - it's well worth a read. I'm going to take her advice, I think, and Just Do It with the writing today. No excuses!


Pacha said...

Oh good luck! I'm so pleased you're working (and we can be expecting another novel soon?) and I'm a little jealous over your helpful considerate wonderful h-t-b. He should hold conferences on how to be supportive partners! I know I'll send my lovely hubby to them (love 'em; he does try but it just is never enough! - perhaps I should go to 'stop being horrible and ungrateful wife' conference too!)

JJ said...

Hi there. Fab to sound you're getting going on the writing front again. Don't blame you for avoiding Blogger for a while, it's so addictive. I do need advice about procrastination, I shall go and look at the link, IMMEDIATELY!


Lucy Diamond said...

Oops I should have said - the procrastination article is in the 'Writers Room' section of the website, if you haven't found it yet!

Hi both of you anyway. Pacha, the new novel is out next August! It's called Over You. I'll post the cover one of these days when I work out how to do it. Don't hold your breath though I'm not very techhie!
Yes, h-t-b is a good 'un. He's out at the supermarket with our two-year-old at the moment. I know!! And he's already done a load of washing. I'm dreading him going back to real-work already. (Btw I'm quite sure there's no need for you to be at any 'horrible wife' conference...although perhaps you should send G's mum an invite? (see - have been lurking on your blog!))

JJ, it is sooo addictive, you're right. I'm going to treat myself to a proper catch-up of all the blogs just as soon as I've got this new story finished. There - a good motivating device too!

Sue Eves said...

Thanks, Lucy!
And good luck with your new novel.I'm impressed that as a mother of three you have any brain space left to write! Though, a supportive partner really helps.:)

Helen said...

What a brilliant article on procrastination. It's funny how so many of us are the same!

Lucy Diamond said...

Hello Sue
The brain space is definitely more cluttered with such essential things as school bags and dinner money these days...but I am clinging on to the small corner that is left for writing purposes, just!
Hmmm. Bit of a mixed metaphor there. See - useless!

Helen, yes, that article really spoke to me too. Brrrrr. Must Do More Work!

Clare said...

Ooh, how exciting to idly surf to your blog and find not only a squillion blog posts to read, but also see my name in lights!

It does mean you've caught me out procrastinating though. Bother. One of my jobs to do some time this week is get in touch with my son's headmistress and see about going in and doing some storytelling with the kids, in an attempt to kick-start my storytelling career. I like the idea of doign stuff in his school. But I have a hair-curling story about that which I better tell you offline...

Lucy Diamond said...

You're just so famous, Clare... That article did seem to really resonate with a lot of people. You are our new writing mentor - get that on your cv, quick!
Story-telling in school sounds lovely. I did some 'author events' in schools in September and it was just great. The questions the kids came out with were so innocent and wide-ranging (my favourite: Are there any rules when you write stories?) And just think, you'll be party to even more gossip when you're in there!