Thursday, 18 October 2007

Dr Caroline and me

OOOOOOOOOH. Just heard some vair vair exciting news.

Do you remember ages ago, I talked about this book of mine being read on Jackanory Junior? I've just heard who actually did the reading. Tamsin Greig!!!! As in Green Wing! And Black Books! One of my favourite actresses. I am so blimmin chuffed, you wouldn't believe it. The producers say it'll be on CBeebies in January. Set the SkyPlus immediately!


JJ said...

HooooRaaaah. Fantastic news. Well done.

But, uhm, 'wedding?'



Lucy Diamond said...

HooooRaaaaahhh indeed. Couldn't have put it better myself JJ!

Ahh, the wedding malarkey, yes. I'm getting to that soon. All in good time!

ChrisH said...

Does that make yesterday feel better? Congratulations on Jackonary and the wedding...!

Jen said...

Ooh, congratulations... funky stuff!

But, I have to say, you are teasing us rather cruelly with these snippets of info.

Lovely that you're blogging again :)


Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks, Chris and Jen!
It's very nice to be back.

Lucy Diamond said...

Gawd, did that sound really pompous?

Kate.Kingsley said...

Oooh, I love Green Wing, and I loev Tamsin Greig ~ I was gutted not to get tickets to see her in the Rsc's "much Ado...." ~ my favourite actress playing my favourite Shakespearean heroine.

Will deffo keep an eye out for your story ~ and welcome back!
Best wishes
Kate K

Lucy Diamond said...

Cheers Kate!