Monday, 29 October 2007

Beat your deadline the luxury way

Now here's a thought for all you writers out there... I was at a rather swanky spa place with my mum and sisters on Saturday and was just flicking through the spa magazine when I saw this article about two authors who have been inspired by stays there. One of them, JoJo Moyes, wrote that she'd been struggling to meet a deadline whilst contending with the many demands of her three young children/life, so she booked herself in for a three-day stay...and wrote 18,000 words of her novel - and managed a few luxury treatments at the same time. Result!

I have to say, it was very persuasive. VERY persuasive.

I was reading it, my brain whirring, my eyes widening with excitement, thinking what a fantastic idea! Yes, JoJo, you are absolutely right, you're a genius! I have three children and a busy life and deadlines too - I NEED to go! yes! Get me my fluffy towelling robe and private room immediately!
Now I just have to think up my excuses to convince my husband-to-be (do love saying that) why I really must finish my novel in Champneys luxury. Although I'm wondering, do you think three nights is enough? I've got quite a lot left to write, after all. Maybe I should book myself in for a month?


liz fenwick said...

Sounds like writer heaven as long as they don't try and detox you too :-)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Definitely a month. I have been fantasising about doing a cheap winter month in e.g. coastal Spain to write the first draft of novel 2. Four weeks, 4000 words/day five days/week, no other obligations except to feed myself on lovely local produce and get some exercise by walking or (if it's warm enough) swimming... doubt I'll manage it in reality, but I'm enjoying the daydreams!

It will be all write said...

Thank you for the advice. I don't think I will be joining the novel racers though - I have a hard time going at a slow pace let alone rushing : )

I do hope you continue to read my blogs. I almost choked on my wine when I saw you had a blog (I didn't know who Lucy Diamond was but I dug deeper and realised you were Sue).
My eldest daughter has read some of your books. And now you have a adult novel on the market I must go and buy a copy ! People like you put me to shame. You have a stream of children's books and an adult novel out there with 3 children and a partner and here I am fussing over 24 thousand words. I am proud of what I have done so far and very passionate about my story but I need to send my family away I think .........

Lucy Diamond said...

I think the detoxing would be optional, Liz. Personally, I'd be taking along a crate of chocolate in my suitcase!

Mmmmm, Zinnia, that does sound good. Let me know if you find somewhere that fits the bill!

Hello again IWBAW - oooh, your eldest daughter must have good taste ;) And please don't feel 'put to shame' on my behalf - 24,000 words is great!

Angie said...

That sounds perfect (especially if you bring along a crate of chocolate)!

Caroline said...

Oh I feel your pain - book in dharling! Book in! And I do believe that you should request a feebie ... don't they know who you are?????

2 things ....

1. Have you set a date?
2. I'm meeting Simon Cowell THIS SATURDAY. I kid you not!


Lucy Diamond said...

Angie - did I mention the crate of wine, too?

Caroline - Oh. My. GOD. I am so excited for you!!!!! How amazing. I hope you have practised your screaming!
Freebie - yes, definitely. I'll make a note to demand one.
And date - yes, we've set a date! Next excited...!