Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Sorry for the blogging hiatus. Busy, busy, lots going on. I'll be back soon, honest.

In the meantime, have a look at this. Isn't it just fabulous?!


Jen said...

I'm going to join the Oliver Moon fan club :0)

Hope you're all settling in and chilling out.

Blogworld's not the same without you X

Helen said...

l;wow this is great. Son knew who it was straight away and said 'that's the witch baby'!

and ditto what Jen said about blogworld.


Hayley said...

To find a published writer with such a great blog is like christmas to me. I'm still unpublished but learning all aspects of writing and having fun with it. Have added your blog to my blogroll, cant wait to hear more.

Lucy Diamond said...

Hello Jen and Helen! So nice to see your names pop up in my inbox again. I am still in Blogworld, honest (I have been lurking stealthily on your blogs the whole summer) but have been trying to resist the pull of blogging for a while. I know that once I start again, my self-discipline work-wise will go down the plughole...

Hello Hayley, best of luck with your writing and thanks for dropping by!

CTaylor said...

Someone just found my blog by searching for "Lucy Diamond swimming English Channel".

Is there something you want to tell us? ;o)

JJ said...

Oooh, you're back (for a bit?) I hope the house is getting there, and look forward to having you back on a permanant basis soon.

Lucy Diamond said...

Cally, do you mean you haven't read about my record-breaking channel-swimming exploits in the press?
Ahem. Cough.
Okay then, it wasn't me. Booo. (It was dead exciting to pretend just for a second that it was, though. Go, t'other Lucy Diamond, whoever she may be!)

Hello lovely JJ, nice to see your name again. Look forward to catching up properly soon as I re-enter the murky depths of blogworld...!