Friday, 29 June 2007

Doubly bubbly

Oooh, have a look at the Novel Racers blog immediately! How cool is that? Thanks JJ for posting it. I *LOVE* Kinokuniya. What a good start to a gloomy Friday!

Chaos down at the school run just now, cagouled mothers trying to herd their bedraggled kids through the lashing rain, lots of shouting and bad tempers. It is POURING here, with a wild, umbrella-snatching wind. And tomorrow - my birthday - is meant to be even worse! I was hoping for a history-repeats-itself day too but that's gone for a burton now. On my birthday five years ago, we'd just moved to Brighton and I was very heavily pregnant with my son (he was born on the 4th). It was really sunny that day so we went out to Littlehampton and had a picnic on the beach, then stopped at Arundel too for a little nosey around. We've got these lovely photos of little one-year-old eldest daughter with her mad dandelion-fluff hair dipping her toes in the sea and looking astonished. So this year, I thought, ooh, I know, we'll do that again as a good full-circle kind of thing to do before buggering off out of Sussex but... Well, clearly that's not going to happen now that full-scale downpours are predicted tomorrow.

Yesterday felt very decadent. I got to dress up in smart clothes (very rare occurrence, sadly) and get the train on my own to London (bliss) and try not to get too pissed with my new editor (I think I held back okay). The lunch was fab - any meal that starts with the words "Do you fancy a drink of something bubbly?" is always going to be a winner for me. Did a bit of drunken shopping afterwards, excellent fun, then back to Brighton to say goodnight to the kids and get ready for another slap-up feast in town to celebrate ten years of Lovely Partner and I being together.

Today - not so decadent. Hangover, wet hair, and work to be done. Back down to earth with a bump.


JJ said...

So glad you like it. It's such a fab shop - I hope they sell out immediately.

A. Writer said...

Sorry to hear about the bad weather!

Sounds like you had a blast in London. The hangover is worth it ;)

I finished Any Way You Want Me early yesterday morning (around 2:30am to be exact-I couldn't put it down!) I thought it was very good! And let's just say I know who to ask for tips on writing 'naughty bits' now! lol!

Drunk Mummy said...

'Do you fancy a drink of something bubbly?' - there's only ever one answer to that question. I like the sound of your new editor!

Jen said...

Oh, yes, I very much like the sound of your new editor! The purchasing of bubbly somethings will be a trait I seek when I start auditioning potential editors. (Hey, I can dream, right?)

Sorry the weather's washing you away... I'm just toying with opening a bottle of red and lighting the fire!!

Have a fabbo day anyway :0)


Caroline said...

2 lives! Fabulous!
It's sunny here today. Hope you manage a bit of sunshine for tomorrow, but failing that. You will have cake. Have a great day.

Lucy Diamond said...

JJ - Oh me too. Go, shoppers of Bangkok, go!

A Writer - thank you! Glad you couldn't put it down - and as for the naughty bits, well, I couldn't possibly comment!

DM - absolutely right, I believe the correct answer is "Too right I do!" Oh yes, I know already it's going to be an excellent working relationship...

Jen, I know what you mean about it being red wine and roaring fire weather. Bloody rubbish. (And yes, don't settle for an editor who skimps on the drinks, I like your style.)

Caroline, I am so looking forward to my cake. My 2 year old hasn't quite mastered secrets yet, so she has told me several times that Daddy bought cake. She's also told me that she's giving me a lovely umbrella for my present. Not the glamorous or luxurious kind of gift I was hankering after, but hey, at least it's appropriate!

Julia Buckley said...

Oh bird! Deary me. Hope you're having a really lovely bday!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Happy birthday, congratulations on several fronts, and I recommend heading over to A.Writer's blog for a more detailed response to 'Any Way You Want Me' than she gave in her comment. I think you'll like it!

Pacha said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wishing you some of our sunshine and a wonderful day and a fantastic new birthday year! Wishing you all of the very best and a lovely day (and delicious cake)

hellojed said...

When I'm struggling with writing my novel I'll imagine meetings with editors and drinking champagne - a great motivator!

Clare said...

Ooh, the Kinokuniya thing is v. exciting!

Boo to hangovers, though.

Dulwich Dad said...

Great Blog - I've linked you on my blog - hope you don't mind - oh, and Happy Birthday!

Dulwich Dad

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh cheers all of you! Had a lovely day. Tons of cake left, too. Anyone want a slice?!

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