Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Cake on the horizon

I've got a mad few weeks coming up. Tomorrow - meeting in London with a new editor (including LUNCH excellent), then out to celebrate 10 years of Being Togevver with my lovely partner (ie DINNER excellent). Saturday - it's my birthday (CAKE excellent). Next Wednesday - son's birthday (more CAKE excellent). Sunday after that - son's party. In our house. (Yes, four days before we move - great timing.) And then the 12th - move house! (and hopefully burn off all the cake calories from box-lugging ahem...)

As if that wasn't enough to be going on with, we've heard that the school admission appeal should be taking place before the end of term...arrrgghhh. It's good in one way - ie we'll get it over with pretty soon - but the stress is keeping me up at night; my brain is just buzzing with all these facts and statistics we'll have to remember. The more I read up on it, the more terrified I am. I keep imagining this huge echoing courtroom, with me and lovely partner huddled together all frightened on one side of the room and this vast stage of panellists glaring down at us from the other, bellowing "Speak up!" at us and banging one of those gavel thingymabobs. Gawd. I am totally bricking it.

I'm so tired at the moment I can't write, feel like all my creativity has been sapped by everything else, so I'm about to go back to bed and read this morning while youngest daughter pootles about at playgroup. I've just read two good-but-harrowing novels - In Search of Adam by the lovely Caroline which was very moving - unbearably so at some points, I had to stop reading because the events of the story are so awful, I just didn't want to go on. It's amazingly written though - very original and innovative, with a very powerful voice. I am in awe and will never let Caroline read anything else I've written now!
And last night I finished A Farewell to Arms - the first book I've ever read by Hemingway which I thought was brilliant - the ending is just absolutely devastating. I am still thinking about it.

Anyway, I feel the need for some comfort reading today, so I'm going to curl up with Hens Dancing by Raffaella Barker which I first read a few years ago and absolutely loved. There's something very comforting about returning to an old favourite when everything else in life is changing.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Go and vote for Clare here. Because she's worth it.


Caroline said...

You had to stop reading it! Oh my! So sorry honey.

Can I have some cake? Please. Poppy has her first afternoon at school today ... my baby ... sigh ... I need cake.


Lucy Diamond said...

Don't be sorry! It was your brilliant writing that made it so real and shocking - it's a compliment, really. But yes, I did have to stop reading for a day or two because I just felt too sad and pathetic to cope with what was happening in the plot (and because I have a six-year-old daughter too, I guess, which made it even more unbearable to imagine). I can't remember when a book has ever made me feel like that before.

Oh! Poppy's first afternoon at school! You totally need cake, both of you. Hope it goes well and neither of you cry!

JJ said...

I really hope the various cakes help!

When I was preparing to move to Bangkok, I read just ... well, bubble gum for the mind, because I just couldn't handle anything more challenging in my life. But that passes, and then you feel strong again, and can read anything, any subject. You gotta be in the right mood. Take care,

JJ said...

LUCY (Shouts in excitement)
Please go and look at the novel racers blog!

Lucy Diamond said...

Oooooh!! Thanks JJ - how exciting!! I love Kinokuniya!

Clare said...

Aw, bless you for encouraging people to vote for me!

I had that reaction to Caroline's book, too. V. powerful!

There's nothing wrong with tailoring reading matter to fit your moods. Soemtimes bubble gum is just right. After all, we do the same with music!

Am jealous about the cake, though... ;o)