Friday, 8 June 2007


I’m sneaking back. I still haven’t moved house, and am not likely to for at least another month, due to certain incompetent morons faffing around at the end of the chain.
But if I’m honest, I didn’t stop blogging just because of the moving-house thing. Apparently, sales of Any Way You Want Me haven’t lived up to expectations, so that made me feel really crap and miserable for a while, like I had failed. It was horrible, I hit a real what’s-the-point-of-writing-another-novel? low.

BUT I have bounced back. I don’t feel like that any more. I am proud of AWYWM, and it did just fine in my eyes. And Novel 3 is meaty and dark and sexy, with lots of juicy storylines tangled together, and – most importantly – I think it is worth finishing. Phew. Besides, I’m 75,000 words into it now, there’s no way I’m abandoning it without getting to the final sentence. AND I’ve got a great title and synopsis for a fourth book. So I’m not giving up being Lucy Diamond just yet.

So…how are you all? That’s a bit of a daft question, I’ve still been popping in to the novel racers’ blogs, even if I felt a bit quiet and didn’t leave a comment. I am…tense, mostly. We are about to hit crunch week on the moving front… hoping to exchange contracts next week, even if we can’t actually complete for a while. Also will be finding out which school my children have been put in. Or which schools, plural, if we get worst case scenario and they can't go together. It is keeping me awake at night, believe me, but I will try not to witter on too much about that…

I’ve read lots of good books lately in the pre-move limbo world:
The Self-Preservation Society by Kate, which I absolutely loved – very funny and original, with lots of brilliant characters.
Young Wives Tales by Adele Parks – fantastic, she writes like a dream, couldn’t tear myself away from it.
The Yorkshire Pudding Club by Milly Johnson – just loved it, great one-liners galore, fantastic characters and premise and lovely warm, down-to-earth writing style.
Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier – a repeat read and a real treat, didn’t disappoint, Mrs Danvers still as terrifying as she was when I last read it
And finally… The Insider by Piers Morgan – oh my God, gossip riches or what? Unputdownable and hilarious. I just wolfed it down.

Next I’ve got the new Maggie O’Farrell or the new Julie Myerson to choose from. Yum. Two of my favourite authors. I will almost be sorry when we move and my evenings are full of wallpaper-stripping and painting once again, instead of reading. Actually, that’s not true. I will be so bloody relieved to get this whole process over with I will be happy to strip every wall of the house!

Right. Enough from me. Have a nice weekend, everyone!


hellojed said...

What were your expectations? I know my expectations at the moment is just to finish my novel, be proud of it, and hopefully get it published - the latter being a long shot, as apparently only 5% of authors get published. The fact that you did all of the above such a great achievement. Sales, schmales. So glad you're staying positive and looking ahead. Good luck with the new house!

Helen said...

Aww Sue, sorry you are not feeling great about the sales of AWYWM. I don't know too much about how many constitutes a good sale but I'm sure that first books don't always sell as well as maybe the second or even third ones...anyway I'm sure you know a lot more than me so all I can do if offer encouragement. I liked your book it was funny and a great read. Sales might pick up when people go on holiday in a few weeks perhaps?

Anyway keep going. Its nice to have you back. Its been feeling a little quiet around here lately!

Lucy Diamond said...

Yes, Hellojed, those were my expectations too, and I'm trying to keep it in perspective by remembering that. Sales, schmales, I agree!

Helen, I'm fine now, through the other side of my wobble, cheers. And you're right, it was a lot to expect of a first novel, hopefully things will be better next time around. Optimism is a wonderful thing!
Nice to be back!

Jen said...

Bloody hell woman! Your novel will sell... and sell... and sell... it's the foundation of your 'grown up books' thing... I buy books now that came out yonks ago - it's not like pop music; word takes time to filter down, no?

Hey, you were hiding so I didn't get to tell you that your book was publicised in a huge illuminated billboard thingy in Royal Victoria Place in Tunbridge Wells shopping centre... Truly, I almost burst with pride on your behalf!

dulwichmum said...

Yes, I think when everyone heads through the airports for their holidays it will fly off the shelves. It is such a huge achievement to get published, well done for that! I meant to buy your novel before but have been so busy lately, I shall get it first thing in the morning - another one gone already!

Lucy Diamond said...

Ooh, Jen, that's dead exciting! Cheers. And you're right, too. It's not like I've had my chance in the bookshops and it's all over, for ever, the end. I think the anti-climax was a bit of a shock, when all the euphoria had worn off. But hey, let's not forget I'm moving to a new city, there are thousands of new people there for me to nag and harass, I mean, *persuade* to buy my book...

Oh, thanks, Dulwich Mum - that's very kind of you. Hooray, another sold! Please tell those other well-heeled mums of Dulwich , they can afford a few copies each, can't they? I'll be in the bestsellers list in no time! ;) (And of course I will be returning the favour when your book hits the shelves!)

Nice to see you both again anyway xxx

Caroline said...

LucyD - I loved AWYWM. I totally loved it. Feel proud honey of everything that you have achieved. You're a star and if you had given up, then I would have found you and probably stalked you for a number of months until you caved in and wrote again.


(also - sooooooooooo glad you're sort of back)


Lucy Diamond said...

Oh thanks darlin! It is a trauma, this author lark, as you know... Thank goodness for the support of the bloggers. I really mean that.

Angie said...

Yay, glad to see you back on the blog...though not glad to see the wobbles have hit. Keep your head high and remember what a big accomplishment it is that you finished a novel and got it published! Us unpublished bloggers are looking up to you. :)
Good luck with the move!