Friday, 4 May 2007

A series of excuses

Friday mornings are supposed to be work time for me, but am only just getting to the computer now while my 2-year-old snores in bed (thank God for naptime). Eldest daughter's assembly to go to first which was gorgeous, of course - although at the end I had a real attack of Oh God! This could be the last assembly I go to here!, which totally set me off and I got all tearful AGAIN. I'm a sentimental fool at the moment. Must try to toughen up.

Then I had to go to see my accountant and sort out my tax return including my first VAT return, which was a painful old business - ie I couldn't understand what he was on about and just sat there like a simpleton, obediently signing things where he told me to. But it's done at least, and I've got something to send off for the mortgage application, which was why I've wanted it done so early. One tedious job to tick off the list.

By the time I got back, there was only half an hour before I had to run out again to get the poppet from nursery. So that was my working morning reduced to nothing. Still, I moved the word count up to 56,000 yesterday so that's not bad for the week. I'm slightly worried I've peaked my big dramatic turning point too early and also that there are too many plotlines running through, but am making a leap of faith that it will pan out okay.

What are you all up to for the long weekend, then? The Brighton Festival starts tomorrow, kicking off with the Children's Parade which is always a spectacular sight, with loads of children's bands, dressing up, amazing props etc. The theme is 'Inventions' this year and my eldest is taking part, which is very exciting. Fingers crossed it doesn't rain - soggy papier mache is not a good look!


liz fenwick said...

Have a great weekend. Ours is a bit broken up as dh doesn't get back from Brazil until Sunday morning. Pick up ds1 this afternoon and ds2 doesn't have the weekend off.........

Shots said...

I wish I was down there for the festival this year. I went last time round to see Chuck Palahnuik and Irvine Welsh, both events. It was AMAZING. At the second event, which was a reading with DJ Phil Harnell and VJs in an open space, combined with readings by Chuck and Irvine. Both the visuals and subject matter got increasingly grim, and people started dropping like stones. Not me, I hasten to add.

Lucy Diamond said...

Liz - hope you've had a happy reunion with your man!

Hello Shots, I've heard similar stories about gross-out rate at Chuck Palahnuik events - I've only read one of his stories but can see why. Must be interesting (in a slightly morbid way) to see the audience fainting etc. Glad you are made of stronger stuff, though!