Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Limbo, limbo, limbo

I feel a bit in limbo work-wise at the moment. I've got a huge new project coming my way, and the editors who have commissioned it have been saying, We need her to get onto this as soon as possible! to my agent... but I still haven't got a full brief, so can't actually do anything yet. However, as I know it's imminent, I feel like I can't get too stuck into anything else either. Does that make sense? Am I wibbling? Anyway, what I am building up to saying, is that I've made bugger all progress on the new novel. Yesterday, I decided to have a bit of a half-time match analysis if you like, and printed out the whole lot to go through with my red pen.
Hmmm. A few problems have arisen, namely that one of my male characters, known as Sexy Will, is coming out too bloody good to be true. So I spent a while making Sexy Will more like Edgy, Mysterious Will With Dark Secrets yesterday. Quite fun, actually.
Also, the whole thing has become just too boom-boom-boom action-wise. My poor heroine, I'm surprised she hasn't had a nervous breakdown with all the drama I've been throwing her way. I am putting in some quieter scenes, to break up all the big stuff - still moving the plot along, these aren't just fillers - but the story needs its interludes so everyone can get their breath back a little. So even though I'm not that much further into the word count, it was good to start rethinking these sections. I'm going to carry on with them today.

PS Does anyone understand Amazon's chart rankings? Any Way You Want Me started the day yesterday at a dismal 64,000 or something in the chart, flew suddenly to about 3,000 in the afternoon and then hit my highest point EVER last night at 666 (spooky! Do you think this means something?). Not that I'm checking all the time, of course... (And yes, I know 666 doesn't sound very high but the Amazon chart is its own beast, and not like the official Booktrack one.) Anyway, I don't get it. Does anyone know how they work it out, or is it a totally random exercise?


david santos said...

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Clare said...

I know how they work it out. I do have a link somewhere to a page on Amazon that explains it a little, but am on wrong pooter.

Anyway, the crucial thing to understand is that the ranks are recalculated hourly and are based purely on sales within the last 24 hours. That's why they fluctuate so wildly. If ten or twenty people buy your book on Monday, it could shoot you up the charts. But if nobody buys it on Tuesday, it'll go right back down again. If five people bought it in the last hour, again, this means you'll go whooshing up the charts from one hour to the next.

Anyway, those are all very GOOD rankings, particularly the lower ones, and you should be very excited and proud. Go you!

P.S. I don't know what the actual figures are likely to be, so my guesses of 10 or 20 people could be badly wrong. It might need to be a lot more than that, or it could be less, and it is entirely dependant on how well everyone else's books are selling, as your rank is only based on comparison with everyone else. But I think those are probably about right.

Lucy Diamond said...

Aha - thanks for that. What would I do without you?

Lucy Diamond said...

PS When is your little picture going to change to show your new hair?? I am dying to see it...