Tuesday, 15 May 2007

A large helping of stress

"I am going to make friendship bracelets to give to all my new friends," eldest daughter announced this morning, busy with threads and beads.
Don't you just love that? So brave and resilient. We haven't even moved yet and she's looking ahead, envisaging these new friends she's going to make (I wish I could be half so confident).

It did give me a huge pang of sadness though because unfortunately, I can't even tell her with any certainty where she'll be going to school. The local school (local to our new house) has space for my son but not for her, so there's every chance the LA could see fit to put them in two different schools. We will have to go through an appeal at the very least to try and get them together, on the 'sibling link' grounds, as well as the fact that we want to walk to school, to be part of the local community, and for her to have friends in the same street/local area.

God. I am more stressed about this than any aspect of the move so far. It will be physically impossible for me to get them to two different schools every day - they're only 6 and 4, I can't exactly send them off on their own. It will mean one of them always being late, or having to fork out for breakfast clubs etc which I have never done and don't want to either, I think the school day is long enough for them already.
Obviously I haven't told them this, am pretending all is rosey and fine, but inside I am having a nightmare.


hellojed said...

I have my fingers crossed for you and your kids...I hope the appeal goes your way. I personally think that kids who can and want to walk to school should be given preference - here's too it working out for you all.

Jen said...

Oh dear. This will sound really hippy-ish but things do tend to work out the way they're supposed to.

I moved here from Jersey in August and had a total gamble on schools - not being in the country, never mind the catchment, meant I had no idea if they'd have a school at all when Sept came! I only knew one person in the whole country and had never even driven on a motorway before I arrived!

If I survived, you definitely can. I turned out ok!

*twitches manically*

Drunk Mummy said...

I think if your daughter is making these friendship bracelets (such optimism makes me want to weep and wrap young children in cotton wool) she obviously has enough resilience to cope well with the school move.
You, however, will be run ragged with the stress of being constantly late for everything, although that is something which never seems to bother kids of that age!
Btw, I loved reading your book (especially the naughty bits). I was talking about it to a friend the other day, and she asked if she could borrow it. I told her no, she should go and buy her own copy!

Lucy Diamond said...

Thanks - I am trying to be positive and think everything will turn out okay, but it is a big worry at the moment. The person I spoke to at the school was very negative about it all.
Gawd. Makes me feel even more depressed about leaving our lovely local school here in Brighton!

Deep breath. It will all be okay...
(And Jen, you are clearly made of sterner stuff than me!)

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh Drunk Mummy - hello! Our posts must have crossed. The friendship bracelet thing made me want to weep too, actually. You are right, she will be fine. Wish it was so easy for adults!
Thanks for your kind words about the book, I'm glad you liked it. And thanks even more for telling your friend to buy her own copy - good one!

Kate.Kingsley said...

How cool is your girl?! I love her "up and at em" attitude. As a child I was capable of running up to anyone in a playground and making friends with them at the drop of a hat. I'm a bit more reticent now though. I wonder at what age / why we lose our fearlessness?

I hope you get the school dilemma sorted, it must be such a worry ~ fingers crossed for you,

Best wishes

PS ~ my copy of "Anyway you want me" has been dispatched, so I'm just waiting for it to arrive, having finished Kate's "Old School Ties" last night ( I appear to only read novel racers novels at the mo! Which is a good thing)

Lucy Diamond said...

Hi Kate,

Yes, I love that 'hello, will you be my friend' thing that so many little childen do so effortlessly. (Not my son, though, we actually had to get him to practise saying 'Can I play with you?' because he is shy, bless him!)

Thanks for buying Any Way You Want Me - hope you like it. I am definitely working my way through the racers' novels too - Kate's this month, Caroline's next month, Jane's in September...
What a busy lot we are!

Emma said...

Good luck...here it is mostly a question of doing voluntary work for the school and you can get your kid in somehow. Don't know if that would give you a shoe in in your situation.

Lucy Diamond said...

It's worth a go, but I think it'll come down to the Local Authority unfortunately. (Your school sounds like it has a much more sensible approach!)

beta mum said...

Hopefully some kid will leave the area before September, leaving space for your daughter.
Good luck with it.

dulwichmum said...

Securing school places for the children was probably the biggest stress I have experienced so far. Poor you. Drunk Mummy is right about your daughters optimism, she clearly is a resilient little girl.

I Beatrice said...

You need a grandma like me, Lucy. In our case, my daughter takes one child to school, I take the other. Problem solved. And I get to spend half an hour with my 6-yr-old grand-daughter, light of my life, every morning
what's more.

Can't say I have made much progress in penetrating the ranks of the other Mummies though - they're a cliquey sort of bunch, I find...

Lucy Diamond said...

I am fully expecting a letter of refusal from the school this week but hey ho, there's always the appeals process. And whatever happens, we will manage. (My tough-talking new mantra.)
Beatrice - you sound like a godsend. Wish I could hire you out as a proxy grandma!