Friday, 13 April 2007

(un)happy feet

Ooh, my feet are killing me. This is because I have been pounding the streets, posting fliers about the book/signing through people's letterboxes, as well as shlepping around London yesterday for a meeting. (Tip - if you're doing a lot of walking, don't wear high-heeled boots. If I can drag myself out again tonight, it'll be trainers all the way.)
Still, it seems to be paying off. A friend rang last night to say she'd been in the local Asda and looked in the books section for Any Way You Want Me - and there was only one copy left! She asked a member of staff if there were any more and was told it had been very popular and sold out! AND it was at number eleven in their chart, according to my friend. Number ELEVEN! I know supermarket charts are a bit arbitrary but even so, if it's number eleven just in that shop, that is still absolutely amazing!

One more lovely thing to tell you about the book and then I promise I'll shut up about it for a bit. While I was in London yesterday, partner took the kids down to the beach for the day. And while they were on the bus coming through town, he said (in a loud voice apparently, showing off, he said), Ooh, we're nearly at Waterstones, shall we look and see if Mummy's book is in the window?
So they were all looking, and then eldest daughter let out a shriek. There's a PICTURE of Mummy in the window! And LOADS of books!
It's true. There's a picture of me in Waterstones window! My face, gorming out over North Street for all to see. Haven't seen it with my own eyes yet but am a bit excited and will probably have to drag the kids into town again tomorrow to do just that.
Whew. It's all really overwhelming, this. It really hit me yesterday, being in London and seeing piles of the novel everywhere. I got all tearful again and did some emotional boo-hooing last night. Talk about dream come true. This was my big dream for so long, having a novel published, and it's actually happening. I am blown away, to say the least.

Feel very inspired to motor on with Novel 3 with all of this. I actually racked up a few thousand words earlier in the week which felt good. Partner has read it and we had a bit of a brainstorm about the backstory, so I' ve been able to slip in some extra details there, and it feels more 'real' for me now. I'm also really enjoying writing a dual narrative for the first time - have had some fun with it, making both characters slag each other off, and deliberately winding them up. The power of writing!!

Have a good weekend everyone, better go, fighting children downstairs to sort out...


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Oh please don't shut up about the book - it's fascinating and inspirational, I want to know ALL about it. (And I have a copy now - I'm looking forward to reading it, although I have a huge list of books to read so I'm not making any promises about when that will be.)

Kate said...

Congratulations, it sounds as though you're having an absolute ball - it's the very best bit of the process!

And well done on making progress with the new one in the midst of all the busy-ness.

Kate x

Helen said...

I've read it and really enjoyed it - thank you so much. I demolished it in a day or so at the weekend. Hubbie had some bonding time with son!

Well done and don't apologise for talking about your book. We are all happy to hear about your experiences. Great news about your picture in the shop. You should take a photo and post it on here so we can all have a look!

Jan said...

Enjoy the delight.
SEIZE the days that are worth seizing!

hellojed said...

It's great to hear how excited and overwhelmed you are at the moment - it gives me great hope for my novel, as so much out there is about rejection slips and disapointment. I would have dropped dead if I found my face in a Waterstones' window!

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh, you're all so nice, but you're so going to regret encouraging me to keep writing about the book! I will bore the pants off you, given half a chance!
Thanks for buying the book, Zinnia, and thanks for your nice words about it, Helen. Glad you liked it!
Kate, I love your new little picture - am really looking forward to reading your new book when it's out.
Jan, you're right - I'm seizing, I'm seizing (probably going to have a seizure, with all this seizing!)
And hellojed, I might very well collapse when I see my ugly mug in Waterstones window tomorrow! It is going to be very freaky!

NoviceNovelist said...

Lucy, it all sounds fabulous!! Please keep sharing - it's really inspirational. I used to work at Burswood resort in Perth as well. How bizarre!

Novelgirl said...

Wow - you are so lucky - enjoy the moment - esp if its what you've wanted for ages!

I will be definately getting a copy - read the first chapter and I was hooked - so looking forward to reading the rest.

With all this excitement it makes me want to go and do some writing!

Anonymous said...

Yes I was showing off a bit. And I fully intend carrying on doing so.

Me, with a published novellist!

Oh, and it's not an ugly mug love. You're gorgeous, so is the photo in Waterstones - as I said to the kids in a very loud voice amidst the shoppers of Brighton!

The blog-crashing, embarrassing Partner XXX

Lucy Diamond said...

Novicenovelist - how spooky that you worked at the Burswood too! I still have the picnic blanket they gave me as a leaving present, it has been much used (mostly in our back garden, admittedly, but hey)

Novelgirl - glad you liked the first chapter, thanks for saying you'll buy a copy, hooray!

And beloved Partner...awww, cheers darlin'. (Don't tell everyone I paid you to make an appearance and say all that.) PS Can you pick up some milk on your way home tonight? Cheers love

Jen said...

Oh, never ever stop telling us about it all - it really is soooo inspirational and motivating and jolly marvellous!


JJ said...

I know it's been said here before, but I'm gonna say it again.

Lucy, PLEEEEEEZZZZZE don't stop talking about it. You've no idea how inspirational it is for us to be privileged enough to share this process with you. Seeing it happen this close to real people is hugely encouraging.


Anonymous said...

You're back! And since December?

Looks like you've been busy since then: many congrats on the novel, I'll add it to my next Amazon order.

Also I wanted to say thanks for dedicating "Olivia the Orchid Fairy" to Laura - she is so excited and has bought (via my wallet of course) multiple copies to distribute to friends as birthday presents!


Lucy Diamond said...

Jen and JJ - okay, on your own heads be it. (Tell me when it gets too annoying though, won't you??)

Sparrowhawk - hello! Long time no comments. So glad Laura is excited about Olivia - I thought after all this time she might have gone off the old Rainbow Magics!
(And thanks for ordering my novel - much appreciated.)

rivergirlie said...

read it in about 1.5 days and loved it. great pace, relateable characters, pathos, humour, suspense and a fantastic ending!

Lucy Diamond said...

Oh many thanks, rivergirlie, very nice of you to say so!
Am looking forward to your new one!