Thursday, 19 April 2007

Getting Closer

I'm really looking forward to today's writing day. I was just making a brew downstairs and thinking, Hmmm, what shall I write about today? What's the next thing that needs to happen in the story? (You can tell I am a seat-of-my-pants author rather than a meticulous planner.) Well, I thought, I really need to get this character and this character in the same room, after they've had a big barney. I know....!
Lightbulb moment.
So I'm off to write a big family get-together scene, full of tension and sneaky scowls and bitchy remarks. Mmmmm, heaven, my perfect sort of writing!

Elsewhere, I've had two exciting phone calls. Well, one was a text - does that count? A friend texted to say apparently there's a fantastic review of Any Way You Want Me in Closer magazine - with four stars!!! I haven't seen it but will have to make a lunchtime break in the writing to nip down to the newsagent. Fantastic.
And also had a call from a friend I've thanked in the acknowledgements of the book. She rang to say that she'd gone back to work on Monday and two - TWO! - separate people had come up to her and said they'd been on holiday and read this really good book, and were just flipping through the acknowledgements when they saw her name in it, and did she know Lucy Diamond?
I was over the moon. Can you imagine? Two people who don't even KNOW me, buying my book at random, to take on their holidays. How exciting. And, said my friend, they both loved it and couldn't put it down.
Fabulous. I am soooo enjoying this!!


liz fenwick said...

YAY!!!!!! I can't wait to read it but it will have to wait until next week when dh is in Bazil....

I'm back to writing today and hoping the big break will have recharged the created workings in the brain :-)

Jan said...

"Seat of The Pants Planner", hey, I like that?!
But the " books" say you're supposed to call that writing "organically" what.
You must be delighted by all the comments etc. I have told folk in my writing classes about you so there may well be a few more jetting off with your bk in their suitcases.

Lucy Diamond said...

YAY indeed, Liz. That was exactly what I said when I hung up!
Good luck with your own writing today - I'm sure the break will have refreshed your brain and you'll race on to The End very soon!

"Writing organically" - yes, that sounds a bit more professional than "seat of the pants planning" - thanks, Jan, I'll start saying your version, I think!
I am utterly delighted by the comments, it is an author's dream come true. And thank you for spreading the word!

NoviceNovelist said...

I bought it on the weekend Lucy and I have bumped it up my waiting reading list to first place! Please keep posting your wonderful feedback - it is really cheery and inspiring to read. Lucky you getting a picnic blanket from Burswood! My fondest memory is sharing a midnight snog with a dashing Spanish lighting technician backstage in the convention centre - blissful!!! They were fun days!

Lucy Diamond said...

Thank you for buying a copy, Novice Novelist, hope you enjoy it!
A midnight snog with a dashing Spanish lighting technician, eh? I'd swap that for a picnic blanket any day!

Julia Buckley said...

Gosh, all that and a cup of tea. Now I'm starting to get envious.

Lucy Diamond said...

Julia, I'll put the kettle on for you right away. Envy no more!

Caroline said...

:) keep smiling.

OOOOOHhhhhhhh this is so exciting.
I know five people who are reading it at the moment and I refused to let someone use my copy. Told them to buy their own and called them a tight arse.



Lucy Diamond said...

Wow, five people, that's brilliant - thank you for spreading the word, you darling! (And thanks for being a tight-arse too, in the nicest sense of the word, of course! - too right, they can buy their own copy!)
Just waiting to crash down to earth with a bump any day now...