Tuesday, 17 April 2007


I’ve been breaking in a pair of new flipflops – or, to be more accurate, they’ve been breaking ME. You can forget sightings of swallows and all that malarkey, the first official day of summer is when I’m to be seen hotfooting it down to Accessorize to purchase this year’s pair of sparkly flip-flips. But oh, the agony of those first few toe-chafing days after a winter in boots. I’m quite glad it’s cooler today. Bah humbug.

So, the kids went back to school yesterday, nice to catch up with various mums in the playground (inbetween dishing out fliers for the signing, of course). And someone came up to me and said, “Oh, I read your book over the holidays and I LOVED it!” which was very exciting and nice. I actually had a bad dream about the signing the other night where I couldn’t find Waterstones and was running through the streets of Brighton looking everywhere, and then I did find it, but I was really late, and didn’t have a pen, and couldn’t find where I was meant to be sitting, and then I looked up and the queue was full of all sorts of people from my past, which was really freaky.
Until then, I hadn’t been worrying about it at all, but clearly there’s something going on on a subconscious level. I’m looking forward to a big glass of wine and a sigh of relief on Saturday night when it’s over anyway, if that doesn’t sound too awful.

I am still ploughing through David Copperfield – up to page six hundred and something now. I’m enjoying it although did find it a bit slow and saggy in the middle (I was waiting for a bolt of lightning to strike me down for my nerve, typing that, but I’m still here). Things are speeding up now and I’m crossing my fingers that Dora’s going to cark it. Could she be any more irritating? (Btw, the edition I’ve got is one of those Wordsworth’s Classics – you know, the ones with blue spines that cost about 10p. Can you believe they’ve actually spelled Betsey Trotwood’s name wrong on the blurb? How slack is that?)

Anyway, enough about my shelf-mate, and on with some work. Onwards and upwards with Novel 3 today!


Helen said...

Just bought myself some thongy flipflops that arrived today. Have only worn them to go upstairs and already they have made a dent in my toe. Hmm.

Good luck for Saturday. I'm sure it'll be great.

Lucy Diamond said...

I have similar dents, and some attractive blisters too. Just make sure you've got a packet of plasters before you try them outside!

London Refugee said...

Dear Lucy,
New to blogs, I've just stumbled in to your blog and have spent far too long today reading (and enjoying) it.
My wife and 3 daughters had 2-3 years of awful flip-flops (and using up packets of Melolin dressings and Micropore) - this year they will be wearing mainly sensible sandals.....probably at some horrendous cost.

Belatedly, congrats on the novel publication: I'll pass on the link to my wife - though the next one looks like a plotline that chimes some loud bells around here.

Look forward to dropping by again.
London Refugee

Lucy Diamond said...

Hello London refugee,
I will stock up on Melolin and Micropore - thanks for the tip!
Thanks for the congrats, hope to see you again soon.

Jan said...

I love the scary image of all one's past lining up before one..!
One would have very mixed feelings about such a lineup, at least this one commenting would if it were hers!
Does all that make sense.. I doubt it!

rivergirlie said...

no need to knock yerself out reading the classics any more. orion have come up with the bright idea of abridging them for the modern time-poor shopper. now with extra clubcard points

Caroline said...

Yip - flipflops have arrived, as have flat shoes. I am so short again. I quite liked being tall over the winter.

Good luck with everything. I know you'll be fine. You're such a star.

Lucy Diamond said...

Jan, it was truly very scary, especially as all the people my subconscious had picked out where mean ones I don't see any more who were being horrible about the book!

Rivergirlie - I know! I saw they were shortening Moby Dick - and quite right too. I had to slog through that bloody book at college, and it was definitely a waste of drinking time. (I'm really going for the classic-bashing at the moment.) But I have a mere 150 pages left of DC and enjoying it (especially now Dora has become ill, excellent, she's definitely going to snuff it, I'm sure) so shall persevere! Next month, I'll choose a very short classic so I can get on with reading other stuff. Hmmmmm. Do you think a sonnet counts?!

hellojed said...

Fair play for getting started on novel 3 already! Good luck with selling your house.

Lucy Diamond said...

Caroline - I have gone from high heeled boots to flip-flops too - makes quite a difference. I'm thinking of getting some of those big wedges this summer to add a bit of height - that's if I can walk in them without falling on my arse, of course

Hellojed - thanks! It is a nightmare trying to keep the house clean and tidy (more viewings today) but I am hoping it won't go on for TOO long... I can't wait to start making a mess again!

Anonymous said...

Gawd, is't it awful when you get your feet all gorgeous for the first time since winter, put on your new flipflops and stroll out looking fine and within minutes you are hobbling along in pain with blisters everywhere! A true sign of Spring!

Where's the Elastoplast!

Lucy Diamond said...

I have got plasters all over my feet and am in agony! BLoody flip-flops!!